MLB All Star Workout Home Run Derby Tickets

Brace yourselves as the Major League Baseball brings its annual Home Run Derby special event that is held to mark the initiation of the All-Star Game. Watch some of the greatest baseball players as they engage in a competitive run to score the greatest amount of home runs. Baseball enthusiasts can watch all the action live from the bleachers of Citi Field by buying MLB All Star Workout & Home Run Derby tickets at the best prices.

Buy MLB All Star Workout Home Run Derby Tickets

About MLB All Star Workout Home Run Derby

Inaugurated in 1985, the 2013 MBL All Star Workout & Home Run Derby is an annual contest held near to the mid of each year. Celebrating the initiation of the MLB’s All-Star Game, the Home Run Derby selects eight players from the baseball association who compete for the big win. The format of the game is similar to that of a traditional playoff system in which each player tries to bag the most number of home runs, in order to advance to the next stage. All eight players are given the opportunity of playing ten "outs".
In baseball outs are defined as the swings that do not score a home run. Previously the number of outs granted to each player was five till 2005, after which the figure was doubled. At the end of each round, whichever player scores the greatest number of home runs, move on to compete in another competitive round and the player with the least number of home runs is eliminated from the game. If at the end of any round, there is a tie between two or more players, a five swing-off is held after which three additional swings are played, if required. Prior to 2006 the home run counter was reset after each round, however this rule was changed as of 2012. Now the counter is reset only in the final round. Moreover, the batters are given the leverage of choosing their own pitchers, preferably who are friendly to the hitter’s strikes.
Since 2005, the MLB has started using gold balls which are incorporated in the game after a batter reaches his ninth out. With every home run made with these gold balls, the batter is able to win $21,000 which is donated by MLB to Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Easter Seals. Over the years batters have been able to score an average amount of fourteen home runs, generating charitable donations that have reached a figure of $300,000 dollars. Watch players play for a good cause at the forthcoming game by getting MBL Home Run Derby tickets.
The player who has scored the greatest number of single home runs was Bobby Abreu with 41 runs which he scored in 2005’s game. Following his lead with 35 home runs is Josh Hamilton who achieved the feat in 2008. Witness some of the best baseball players as they try to break these records at this year’s 2013 MLB All Star Workout & Home Run Derby game by grabbing MLB All Star Derby tickets.

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