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Colorado Rockies are a baseball team in the US that are part of the Major League Baseball (MLB). Their home turf is Denver in Colorado. This spectacular team is one of the newer members in baseball and has existed for around 2 decades; despite this, they have created a name for themselves and a fanbase to go with it. They are part of the West Division of the National League. Their homebase is the Coors Field in Denver and their name itself is a derivation of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The Colorado Rockies have won the National League pennant in the 2007 season – their first win as of date since their establishment.

About Colorado Rockies Vs Arizona Diamondbacks

The Colorado Rockies were first founded in 1991 and played their first match in 1993. They were the result of an attempt at creating a Major League Baseball team in Colorado after previous tries at creating such a team or relocating one (such as the Pittsburgh Pirates) failed. The Colorado Baseball Commission headed by Larry Varnell, a banker, convinced Denver’s voting population to allow the creation of a 0.1% tax for the financing of a new baseball team – a team that would become the Colorado Rockies. Additionally, an ownership group of companies was created and which included such companies as Erie Lake, the Rocky Mountain News, KOA Radio, and Hensel Phelps Construction.
The Colorado Rockies first win was in April, 1993 against the Montreal Expos and was a game played at their home pitch – and they created a record within that match. The record lay not in their gameplay but in the audience – their was an audience numbering 80, 000, a feat that makes it the largest audience to have seen a single Major League Baseball season game. The Colorado Rockies experience several ups and downs – as is with all expansion teams. Alongside downs, there were ups as well – such as finishing a season with 67 wins, a record within the National League for an expansion franchise team. And if that wasn’t enough – the audience again resulted in a new record – numbering 4,483,350 in terms of the home attendees, a record that is of date unbroken within the National League.
The Arizona Diamondbacks, on the other hand, hail from Phoenix, Arizona. They are more or less a pro baseball team that is part of the same division as the Colorado Rockies – the West Division of the National League under the Major League Baseball. They have been playing as an Expansion Franchise since 1998 and their homeground is Chase Field in Phoenix. They have acquired a number of awards; foremost amongst them being the World Series title gained in 2001 – a mere 3 years after becoming an expansion team. As such, they are considered as the fastest expansion team within the Major League Baseball as far as winning a championship is concerned – after winning it in their 4th season of playing.

The history of the Arizona Diamondbacks is also rich – as per Phoenix being the 6th largest city within the nation, as of date, it was one of the best places to create a new team or to relocate another MLB team. Formed after several years of lobbying on part of Jerry Colangelo, founder of Arizona Baseball, Inc as well as majority of owner the then NBA franchise in Phoenix, Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Diamondbacks were named as per a contest held in a newspaper for suggesting a name. Thus, in 1995, the Arizona Diamondbacks received a franchise from the MLB after paying a $130 Million franchise fee. Since 1998, as of their first MLB game, the Arizona Diamondbacks have won a number of awards. These include the previously mentioned World Series Champions in 2001, the National League Championship in 2001 and the National League Western Division Champions in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2007.
In short, we have two spectacular teams, teams that are young as compared to other teams within the MLB and teams that are, as such, representative of the younger generation. Therefore, if you are a fan of any of these two teams, getting Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks tickets is a must for you!

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