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To a very large number of Americans, baseball is considered to be the best sport played with a ball and a bat. Its origins can be traced down to the early 1744 but it officially originated in the United States in the 18th Century. The sport grew in popularity and inspired the birth of the semipro and professional baseball clubs in the country.

About Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox was originally formed in 1893 as the Sioux City Cornhuskers in the state of Iowa, and there it became a franchise in the minor Western League. It, later on, moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota, in the year 1895 and was renamed to St. Paul Saints. In 1900, it went on to move to Chicago and was renamed to the Chicago White Stockings. However, the name did not last and was later reduced to the Chicago White Sox; a name unchanged till today. It was during that time that the league was renamed as the American League. The same league went on to become the major league in the year 1901. During the first twenty years, the team was considered as one of the best in the league. It was in the year 1906 that the White Sox won the World Series. It was a feat it achieved with a team whose strategies were more defense-focused rather than attack-focused. As a result of this, they were dubbed as The Hitless Wonders. In 1917, they won the World Series again.

The team went through quite a dark phase in its history up until the 1950s. The New York Yankees were to blame for as they were the force that pushed aside a bundle of weaker teams in their pursuit of entering the playoffs. The team did, however, go on and become the pennant winners in the year 1959. They had to endure another dark phase up until 2005 when they became pennant winners again. The team had to wait an agonizing eighty-eight years in order to win the World Series championship for the very first time. The championship came only a year after when the Boston Red Sox had broken their drought by winning the championship in 2004. In 2008, the cheap Chicago White Sox tickets claimed their second American League Central Championship, twice in the past four years. They came in at second place in the 2010 season and as a result, have established themselves as the front-runners in challenging for the title for years to come.

Considering the history of the club and the magnitude of its fan, it is easy to say that the Chicago White Sox is easily one of the most popular baseball teams in the world. In order to ensure that you are among the lucky ones who will witness the team playing live, get your Chicago White Sox Tickets today.

Chicago White Sox has announced its Spring Training schedule and will be playing its first game against Los Angeles Dodgers. Spring Training home of the Sox, Camelback Ranch in Phoenix will host the game and will also be welcoming other teams in March. All eyes are on the team’s general manager, Rick Hahn as to how will he lead these sessions. Chicago White Sox ended 2013 season in a rather disappointing fashion, but it’s expected that it will rise as an improved side in 2014. One of the things that has always kept the team going is its ardent fan following. To support the side in its upcoming training sessions, fans are rushing to Buy White Sox tickets.


Chicago White Sox started playing Major League Baseball in 1900 and in 1994, became the member of the Central Division. Diehard supporters of the team still refer to them as the “Hitless Wonders”, a title that it earned in 1906, when it defeated the cross-town rivals, Chicago Cubs in World Series finals. It was the ChiSox’s first major victory in two decades and established them as among the strongest teams in the league. After a gap of several years, the Sox clinched their second World Series title in 1917. The winning side was led by the talented players Eddie Cicotte, Eddie Collins and Shoeless Joe Jackson, who also made club record of 100 wins that still remains unbroken. In the following seasons, Chicago White Sox managed to win two Al Pennants in 1919 and 1959, along with a Central Division title in 2000. However, it was after a period of 88 years that the team won its third World Series championship in 2005, as well as claimed Al Pennant victory. Although the team hasn’t been able to translate its wins into any major victory or championship title recently, it has shown great on-field spirit. The do or die attitude of the players has often changed the face of the game in the last minutes.


Chicago White Sox played its early home games at the South Side Park and in 1910, moved to Comiskey Park. In 1991 U.S. Cellular Field was named the team’s official home ground. With its capacity of over 40,600, the ballpark has often witnessed jam-packed attendance especially when the Sox are playing their arch rivals. Supporting the team’s colors black, white and silver, the fans fill the stands and cheer every run at the top of their lungs along with the mascot, SouthPaw. The Spring Training games of the White Sox take place at the Camelback Ranch. Whenever the schedule is announced, Spring Training Chicago White Sox tickets start selling in advance. The ballpark can accommodate around 10,000 people and even the training games draw in huge crowd.


Some of the upcoming games lined up at the arena are Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals, among others. Book your tickets now to catch some live baseball action.


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