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A game of baseball can rescue you when you are looking for an interesting diversion. The American dream synergizes with this game which offers many thrilling moments. The fast paced action along with the heated squabbles that arise sometimes between the players, contribute to the value of this game. One professional baseball team that is part of a rich legacy of the game is the Boston Red Sox being member of MLB's American League Eastern Division. The franchise was founded in 1901 in Boston, Massachusetts as one of the American League's eight charter franchises. The team's home ground has been Fenway Park since 1912. It was team owner John I. Taylor who chose the name of the team around 1908. The name was inspired from earlier Boston teams being known as the "Red Stockings".

About Boston Red Sox

The cheap Boston Red Sox tickets quickly made their place in the new league right after their formation. The Pittsburgh Pirates were defeated by them in the first World Series in 1903. By 1918, the team had achieved four more championship titles. A stroke of bad luck however engulfed them when they could not win in any championship till 2004. Still, the team contributed some of the most memorable moments in World Series history during that period. The New York Yankees have been the team's most intense rival since their history.

The Boston Red Sox have won two World Series since 2003. They have been contending perennially in the playoffs and have now been adjudged as one of the most successful MLB teams of the last decade. Since the Fenway Park has limited capacity, the team is unable to lead in overall attendance. However, they rank as one of the first-rated MLB teams in average road attendance. All of the team's games over a period of six yeas have sold out since May 2003, which is an MLB record.

The name of the team is drawn from the red hose in their uniform starting 1908. Before the Boston Red Sox, it were the Chicago White Sox that had adopted 'Sox' to suit the newspapers' need of using a headline-friendly kind of Stockings. The team is referred to as Media Rojas in the Spanish language media which translates into Red Socks. The American League which was in its maiden years in 1901 launched a competing club in Boston. The AL team dressed in dark blue stockings with no official nickname. The team was simply known as "the Bostons", "Boston", "Bostonians", or "Boston Americans" or the "Americans". The uniform plainly read "Boston" during 1901-1907. Year 1902 was an exception with letters "A" and "B" were used to denote "American" and "Boston".

A Red trim was still worn by the National League club referred to as the "Red Stockings". An all-white uniform was adopted by the National League club in 1907. Taylor declared eventually in December 1907 that the new team color would be officially red now. A large icon of a red stocking was featured in the 1908 uniforms which was displayed on the shirt front. The National League adopted the red trim for 1908, but "The Red Sox" was finally assumed by the American League team.

Instead of the full name the Boston Red Sox, the name of the team is often abbreviated as "BoSox" or "Bosox" hinting at the combination of "Boston" and "Sox". The media in their recent reviews have been referring to the team as the "Sawx" which is how the English pronounce the word "Sox" or "Socks". The "Sox" is still mostly used by the fans however to refer to the team.

The National League was the only major league in baseball in 1901 which was led by Ban Johnson. The veteran switched the league's name to the American League eventually with the teams in his league to be called with the unofficial nickname "Americans". The Boston franchise adopted an official nickname only till 1908. Franchises were placed in Buffalo, Maryland and Baltimore by the new league. Ban Johnson had a brainwave to form a new team that could compete with the National League team there. The Boston team achieved second and third positions while playing at the Huntington Avenue as its home ground. The team comprised of such shining players as Patsy Dougherty, Buck Freeman and Chick Stahl as the outfielders while being led by star third baseman and manager Jimmy Collins. The team thus gained thirty-three wins in the Triple Crown.

With such magnificent play in their initial years, the team earned instant popularity with the fans and hasn't looked back ever since. The Baseball season commenced in USA in April! How about securing Spring Training Boston Red Sox Tickets?

Baseball season is underway and great news for the fans is that the upcoming match is of one of the best teams, Boston Red Sox. These super talented athletes have been playing since the year 1901 and are currently associated with the American League of the Eastern Division. The Boston Red Sox have been a part of eleven World Series championships and won seven out of them. Their successful reign started after they defeated their popular rivals, Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903. Since the very beginning the Reds have been enjoying a massive fan following from around the globe and they are known for selling out mammoth baseball fields and grounds since the day they got into this sport. After the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds, the Boston Red Sox are currently playing their home games at the Fenway Park. Sitting among the live audiences, cheering for your favorite team is one of the best experiences.
You can now be part of all the fun be securing your 2015 Boston Red Sox tickets. Red Sox always give their fans plenty to cheer for. Apart from winning seven World Series championships, the Boston Red Sox have also taken away twelve AL Pennants, six East Division titles and seven Wild Card Berths. Many world class players became a part of the team and worked hard in order to raise the status of the Red Sox. Some of the star athletes that are currently associated with the Boston Red Sox consist of Aaron Cook, Alfredo Aceves, Luis Exposito and Lars Anderson.
Since the birth of the Boston Red Sox, their matches have been heavily broadcasted on a variety of TV channels such as Fox, ESPN, New England Sports Network and several others. That's not just it; their matches have also garnered immense popularity all over the radio network in several cities in the US. However, you can now easily catch the live version of their match as Buy Boston Red Sox tickets are available. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.Since inception Boston Red Sox has produced some great players.
The former Red Sox athletes that have made it to the Hall of Fame are Wade Boggs, Jimmy Collins, Lefty Grove and Harry Hooper. Due to their fierce playing star, the team has over the years developed great rivalries, prominent one being with the New York Yankees. Both the teams have been competing for years now, and their endless rivalry is referred to as the best and the greatest rivalry sports history. When a showdown takes place between the two teams, players of both sides show immense commitment and passion. Some of the key players who have even been lauded with MVP Awards are Dustin Pedroia, Jimmie Foxx, Pedro Martínez, Adrian Beltre and Kevin Youkilis. Recently the Boston Red Sox sold out their 700th consecutive home game which proudly ranked them among the most popular baseball teams. To witness the team make another record, grab your Boston Red Sox tickets as soon as you can!


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