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Its been a roller coaster ride for the Boston Red Sox ever since they were created. Even though they have faced several problems in the past, they have always managed to get back up on their feet because that is what champions do. They are now about to take on the Orioles in their own backyard. Book your Boston Red Sox Baltimore tickets and enjoy watching all the action, live at the Oriole Park.

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The Olde Towne Team

The Red Sox were formed in 1901 and were called the Americans in their first seven seasons. They made an excellent start to life in the MLB to win the World Series title within three years. They then added another four in the next fifteen years. However, this is when the 'Curse of the Bambino' struck and the Sox would embark on the longest World Series drought in history. It would be another eighty six years before they would win the national championship once again.

Honors and titles

The Red Sox suffered through so many years but their perseverance paid off. They became one of the most successful baseball teams of the twenty first century, becoming the first side to win three World Series titles after the year 2000. All in all they have won eight World Series titles with an additional thirteen pennants and seven division titles. Last season they made some changes to their lineup to add some new blood to the squad. They did that to prepare for the future and the all the glories that await them down the road. This is the Boston Red Sox after all.