Atlanta Braves Flushing Tickets

Atlanta Braves Flushing tickets

Rebuilding is the name of the game and the Atlanta Braves are aware of that fact more than any other side in the league today. Over the past few years their performances have been unimpressive, and now they need a serious rebuild before they can even hope to qualify for the playoffs. As a result their management has been busy recruiting new personnel for their squad and backroom staff, and soon the franchise will be able to return to their lofty standing in the MLB.

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A tale of three cities

The Braves are among the oldest baseball teams in the world, and can trace their origins back to 1871. In the beginning they were known as the Boston Red Stockings and were hugely influential in their league, winning their first title in only their second year, as well as going almost a decade after their creation before they recorded their first ever losing season record in 1880.   

Destined to rise

In their first five years of existence, the Braves managed to become the best team in the National Association and won four championships during this time. They continued their top of the baseball rankings and as a result have managed to win three World Series titles to date.

They have also won seventeen NL Pennants and division titles each, and will soon be trying their hand at winning even more in the future. Grab your Atlanta Braves Flushing tickets and watch them in action, live at the Citi Field.