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The Arizona Diamondbacks have always been in the habit of defying expectations and doing things their own way. This got them their first and only World Series title to date and it will also be their strength this season as they try to turn around their disappointing form over the last few years.

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The fangs come out

The Diamondbacks were created in 1998, however the plans to bring a franchise to the Phoenix area had been in the pipeline for quite some time. After a failed bid during the seventies, it was Jerry Colangelo, the owner of the NBA franchise the Phoenix Suns, who came up with the successful bid. Colangelo was so confident his bid would be accepted that the team's name had already been decided months before, through a public vote and plans for a stadium had already been put in place as well.


The Snakes strike

The Diamondbacks made an excellent start to their league campaign. In only their second year, they managed to win their first title, a division championship, but none of this would compare to their successes two years later, when they won the World Series.

They became the youngest expansion franchise in history to lift the coveted title and have additionally won five division titles and one conference championship to date. No that they are planning to face the Colorado Rockies soon, you can catch them in action too. Just get your Arizona Diamondbacks Denver tickets and enjoy the experience live at the Coors Field.