Benfica vs Porto Fc Tickets

Benfica vs Porto FC Tickets


Here are two incredible teams playing against each other and if you happen to be a fan of any of them then grabbing Benfica vs Porto FC tickets is definitely part of your to do list, at the top. Porto FC (or sometimes referred to as FC Porto or simply Porto) is an extremely popular Football Club in Portugal and is considered as part of the top 3 football clubs in Portugal (otherwise known as the Tres Grandes – Big Three) alongside its opponent in this match, S L Benfica and Sporting Club de Portugal. As such, the other two are the biggest rivals of Porto FC with a specific rivalry developed with SL Benfica. Porto FC traces its roots back to the city of Porto where it was formed on 28th September, 1893. It is highly acclaimed all over the world – other than being one of the top 3 teams in Portugal – and has won, as of date, 6 international titles amongst which lie both European and World championships (such as the UEFA Supercup and the UEFA Champions League; Porto FC was also the first team to acquire these championships in Portugal). In fact, in 1987, Porto FC became one of the few teams that held in its possession three different and major international titles, a commendation that makes it unique in Portugal itself.

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When it comes to Porto FC’s performance in Portugal, it has a remarkable 51 national titles in its portfolio with a record of winning 5 titles in a row. Porto FC’s home is located at Estadio do Dragao alongside which a number of other facilities have been created to accommodate its participation in other sports such as handball and basketball as well as roller hockey including a multi-sport arena with the stadium. In terms of raw statistics, Porto FC has played around 2048 games, as of date, and has a won 1333 out of these with the remainder including 375 draws and 340 losses. In these matches, Porto FC has scored a staggering 4542 goals. Porto FC has participated in the Portuguese Championship 74 times as of 2011.


The other half of this unique football match, amongst two giants in Portugal is SL Benfica. It is as renowned as Porto FC itself as a member of the Tres Grandes – Big Three of Portugal alongwith Porto FC and a third team. In fact, it has a strong rivalry with Porto FC. In fact, within Portugal itself, SL Benfica is considered as the most successful sports club and also has a worldwide distinction of holding the largest number of titles – around 18, 500 trophies. SL Benfica was one of the founding teams of the Primeira Liga when it was founded in 1933 and has stayed as part of the first division of the league since its beginning alongwith the other two members of the ‘Big Three’. SL Benfica was founded later than Porto FC, on 28th February 1904. in fact, SL Benfica is considered as the most popular and successful football club in Portugal as well as one of the most internationally recognized football clubs in the world.


Within Portugal’s borders, this fabulous team has won around, as of 2011, 32 Portuguese Liga titles, 24 Portuguese Cup titles, 2 Portuguese League Cup titles, and 4 Portuguese SuperCup titles. In the international football scene, it has bagged around, as of 2011, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, 1 Latin Cup title, and 1 Iberian Cup title – an arena in which Porto FC somewhat eclipses it. Added to the aforementioned 18, 500 trophies in its possession, SL Benfica also has a Guiness World Record for the largest number of paying club members around 218,216 as of June 2010, a figure that is rising and was a result of an aggressive marketing campaign on their part. 


In short, this is a collision of two Portuguese, a football match that is the biggest event in football in not only Portugal but all over the world – as such, not buying Benfica vs Porto FC tickets may be the biggest mistake of your life for a chance to watch two of the Tres Grandes battle it on the stadium is an immense and incredible experience. 

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