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About TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling is the brainchild of the father-son duo, Jerry Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett. In 2001, they brainstormed about the future of wrestling and the end of World Championship Wrestling and arrived at the brilliant idea of using pay-per-view for wrestling. The idea became concrete and the show was inaugurated on the 19th of June in 2002. Unique ideas like pay-per-view are a trademark of TNA Wrestling and are the reason for the huge fan following for its events. For example, take the ring size. In 2004, TNA Wrestling started using a hexagonal ring instead of the square ring. They continued to experiment with it and ended using it in 2010.
TNA Wrestling is mind shatteringly exciting as they allow the X-division form of wrestling. These are very risky, flying maneuvers, which make the heart run faster when wrestlers perform the earth-moving stunts. The most amazing aspect of the X-division in TNA Wrestling is that there is no weight limit for wrestlers, which makes it extremely dangerous but at the same time impossibly exciting for the audience.
Initially, TNA Wrestling started with a pay-per-view show held at Nashville’s Asylum every week. After 2 years, the management decided that TNA Wrestling had enough fan following and that it was ready for television. They shifted to monthly pay-per-views that were 3 hours long and a weekly TV show. Hence, TNA Impact! came into being, which turned out to be one of the most popular programs hosted by TNA Wrestling. Presently aired by Spike, it provides 2 hours of pure thrill and enjoyment for its audience.  TNA Impact! was received with such raving review by the wrestling fans that the management made a deal with Midway Games for the development of a video game with the same name; the game was released in 2008. Besides the game, other ventures included collaboration with YouTube and TNA mobile deals.
However, the most incredible venture for the wrestling fans was the commencement of TNA Wrestling house shows. Since 2006, the house shows have been providing live thrill to packed audiences in the US.  The UK was toured by TNA Wrestling team in 2008 with extensive success; Germany was toured in 2009. The 2010 MCU Park house show, held on July 2, broke all TNS records of attendance and was a huge winner.
TNA Wrestling is wrestling at its best. It has a creative management whose only goal is to entertain the spectators. If you are a wrestling fan then this is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the live atmosphere of powerful men performing majestic stunts and providing adrenaline pumping  entertainment at great risks to themselves. Get your Cheap TNA Wrestling tickets today and meet your favorite stars and see them in superb action.


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