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Nitro Circus Live is known the world among for showcasing more than forty of the best extreme athletes on the planet, performing record-breaking and daring tricks across the complete gamut of action sports spectrum. Generally, it is known to the TV audience for being a reality show that follows Ringleader Travis Pastrana and the talented Nitro Circus crew as the team performs live in New Zealand and Australia. This year, however, the adrenalin-charged, energy-propelling, momentum gathering live action-sports show has geared up for its most extensive tour yet, with show dates set in Canada and the US for the first time ever.

About Nitro Circus Live

Action sports icon Pastrana, will be bringing his daring crew to fifteen cities in North America to perform the all new death-defying stunts of all time, promising the most audacious and biggest action-sports production staged so far. Among its many stops is one in Dallas, where the Nitro Circus Live Dallas TX show has already made Nitro Circus Live Dallas TX tickets the headlining topic of town talk among action sports fans.
The first season of the live show aired in 2012 on MTV2, and comprises of eight episodes. The show’s permanent cast includes Pastrana as the pro action sports athlete; former FMX rider Andy Bell as the ‘Washed-up Motorcycle Rider’; female Motocross Champion Jolene Van Vugt as the ‘Pro Motocross Racer’; freestyle rider and pro mountain racer for downhill, Jim DeChamp as ‘Pro Mountain Biker’; base jumper and pro extreme skier Erik Roner; ‘Street Bike Tommy’, Tommy Passemante as the ‘Construction Worker’; and Pastrana’s cousin, the multi-talented stuntman Greg Powell also known as Special Greg. 
Joining this original crew for this tour is a high-end cast of several more of the world’s best action-sport athletes who will be performing the most deadly, dangerous stunts in the area of freestyle motorcross, skate, BMX, and a whole range of crazy contraptions that only a really crazy individual would take on for riding. According to Michael Porra, the managing director of the Nitro Circus, they did a sold out show in London’s O2 Arena, with standing ovations on each step of their European tour, set the record in 2011 in New Zealand for the highest selling tour leaving behind U2 and ACDC. Their fully choreographed incredible action sports spectacular mixes the best and biggest stunts from freestyle motocross with the most insane skateboard and BMX action, while also featuring outrageous feats from a crazy range of contraptions that have been launched off the reality show’s famous fifty feet high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp and its multi-million set.
Fans can expect to see just about everything from children’s tricycles, tandem bikes, razor skooters and snow skis, to Barbie cars, shopping trolleys, a drinks cooler launched with extraordinary skill off the Ramp as well as ten rider back-flip combination train. Nitro Circus Live Dallas TX show is a thrilling action-sports event that just cannot be missed, so hurry on and grab some cheap Nitro Circus Live Dallas TX tickets in time.

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