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The FIFA World Cup kick-off is around the corner and soccer fans can’t contain their energy as the top thirty-two teams fly out to Brazil to face each other on the field. Every country has put together the best squad that they have, in order to make sure that they gun it for the all time win and excel to the final stages of the World Cup. England is no different. Currently ranked at number ten by the official FIFA rankings, England’s national soccer team is one of the most loved, most backed and most favored team of this year’s cup.

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The English national soccer team played its inaugural season in 1872 against Scotland. They were one of the two teams that played the first ever international soccer game, and are recorded as one of the very first national squads in history. They have maintained their status as one of the top teams since then and previous years have seen them climb the official FIFA rankings as high as number three in the world. Currently, they play in the UEFA Confederation of FIFA and are associated with The Football Association (FA) which is in turn affiliated with FIFA.


Over the years, England has had a constant presence at the FIFA World Cup. Their first World Cup appearance was in 1950. They have appeared in a total of twelve World Cups, and have usually been ranked among the top ten positions. Their worst appearance in the international arena left them at the thirteenth position in the 2010 World Cup. Their most successful World Cup was the 1966 World Cup, when the team won the World Cup. They managed to defeat West Germany courtesy of Goeff Hurst and Martin Peters who managed to take England into extra time, and score the winning goal. The 1966 winning goal by Hurst is often the cause of debate as many question whether or not the ball crossed the finish line or not.


In 2014, England qualified for the group stages of the World Cup out of fifty-three teams in UEFA this year. Placed in UEFA’s Group H, they faced off with Ukraine, Montenegro, Poland, Moldova and San Marino and came out as winners of their group. Their win secured them a place among the top thirty two teams in the Group Stage of the World Cup. As the World Cup kicks off, this national team is determined to go for the ultimate win and push through to the Round of 16’s and forward. The squad finalized for this year will be heading on to the field under the direction of Head Coach, Roy Hodgson and Team Captain, Steven Gerrard. The players finalized for the World Cup squad include Glen Johnson, Leighton Baines, Fraser Forester, Ben Foster, Frank Lampard, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, Wayne Rooney and Rickie Lambert among others. The squad is strong as it lists the likes of Rooney, who is the fifth all time high scorer in the team’s history with a total of thirty-nine goals.


Over the years, England has seen some of soccer’s finest players and games. They’ve won the World Cup once and come in fourth place once. While they have never won the UEFA European Championship, they have placed third and second in the league. They’ve won British Home Championships and the Rous Cup at the regional level. Apart from that, they have also won the FIFA Fair Play Trophy in 1990 and 1998. Their all time roster includes big-guns such as Gary Lineker, Vivian Woodward, Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Sir Bobby Charlton and Peter Shilton. This year, the squad is determined to add to the list of these achievements and bring home more accolades.


As fans gear up to cheer the team in the World Cup, the team is determined to play to the best of their ability and come out on top. Their record leading them up to the World Cup has been positive so far, as they have seen success in the friendly games and their exhibition appearances have been strong. Critics, experts and fans are predicting a formidable run in the World Cup that just might take them to the finals. To watch this team live in action, get Exhibition England tickets now. 


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