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Chelsea F.C., short form of Chelsea Football Club, is a Fulham based football club that plays in the Premier League and mostly spent its time in English football’s top tier. The team plays its home games at the Stamford Bridge which has a seating capacity of more than forty-one thousand, and is the place where the team has played since its inception. As of 2003, the club is under the ownership of Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovich, and its current chairman is Bruce Buck while its current manager is Roberto Di Matteo.  At present the club is known by the nickname of The Blues since that is the color the club players wear at home game. Prior to 1952, it was nicknamed The Pensioners.  Chelsea F.C. tickets are a particular favorite at home where the club’s highest attendance record hit eighty-two thousand, nine hundred and five, while it went up to more than a hundred thousand for a friendly game with Soviet based team Dynamo Moscow.

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Gus Mears bought the Stamford Bridge Stadium in 1904, and planned on making it a football ground. He offered the ground to be leased to the close by Fulham, but they turned it down upon which he decided to form his own club. At the time there already was a team called Fulham, so other names had to be considered including London FC, Kensington FC, Stamford Bridge and Chelsea F.C. The club was created in March 1905 at the present day Butcher’s Hook,, then called The Rising Sun.
Chelsea F.C. was founded more than a century back in 1905, and its first big success came in 1955, which is when the club won its first ever league championship. During the sixties, seventies, nineties and two-thousands, it won many cup competitions.  In the last ten year, the club has recorded some of biggest wins in its history, topped by its first FA Cup and League “Double” of 2010, and its first UEFA Champions League won in 2012. On the whole, the club has been crowned four times as the English Champions , have won the FA Cup seven times, League Cup four times,  the UEFA Champions League once  and  the UEFA Cup twice.
The regular kit colors of Chelsea F.C. comprise of royal blue shorts and shirts with white socks. The crest of the club has been changed many times in its first fifty years, in pursuit of re-branding the club and to modernize its image. Its crest currently features a ceremonial blue lion holding a staff, which is actually a modification of the one introduced in the beginning of the fifties.  The club is famous for recording one of the top attendance scores in English football, and in the 2011-2012 season its average attendance at home was more than forty-one thousand, four hundred, which was sixth from the top as recording by the Premier League. Chelsea F.C. is among the very best of English teams, so book Chelsea F.C. tickets and be there to cheer for its unstoppable players.

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