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The Scottish been known as harbingers of good fortune, what with their Leprechaun infused culture and the significance of the four-leaf clover. Nonetheless, Celtic FC (Football Club) has been serving as a testament to the Scottish spirit of hot-blooded competition for around one-and-a-quarter century by amassing a horde of awards, championships and trophies that include all major Scottish competitive titles as well as the European Cup, the first team from the British Isles for having done so. So if you think that the Scottish were all about Riverdance and bagpipes think again and witness their football fury by booking some Exhibition Celtic FC Tickets.

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Celtic FC started out as a charity raising endeavor by Brother Walfrid, a Marish Brother. Walfrid, working in the general Marish tradition of opening schools and soup kitchens for the underprivileged and the impoverished, established the club in the hall of the St. Mary's church in a bleak November of 1887 to raise money for the Poor Children's Dinner Table. Initially, he only expected the club to operate as a fund-raising entity and called the nascent footballers "The Bould Bhoys". They kicked off things with a winning encounter with the Rangers in 1888, sporting emerald green stockings. You can catch all the blistering ball action of these "bold boys" by claiming some 2015 Celtic FC tickets now.
In their second season, Celtic FC reached the final of the Scottish Cup and though were unable to clinch it, emerged victorious three years later after overwhelming Queen's Park. Watch them rout their opponents in a sheer Scottish show of ample aggression by claiming some Exhibition Celtic tickets now. After ten years of operating as a religiously affiliated team, Celtic FC's monetary potential was realized with the club being transformed into a "Private limited company". It seemed that the early investors of Celtic FC got a hefty return on their financial injections as Celtic FC won the Scottish League Championship ten times till the end of the Second World War as well as taking the Scottish Cup in back-to-back seasons in 1907 and 1908. Only some Exhibition Celtic FC tickets will enable you to behold their ball-busting bravado.
The 1960s and the 1970s saw Celtic FC emerge as one of the most feared clubs in Europe. It was during these two decades as well as in the 1980s that the club clinched most of their Scottish titles. In all Celtic FC has amassed 43 Scottish League Championships, almost three dozen Scottish Cups as well as more than a dozen Scottish League Cups. The year 1967 has been termed Celtic FC's annus mirabilis as the team bagged not only the Scottish Cup, League Cup and League Championship but also the European Cup and the Glasgow Cup.
Sporting their trademark green and white stripes and making their home in the 60,832 seating Celtic Park, that dwarfs all other stadiums in Scotland. Pick up some Celtic FC tickets now to watch these "Old Firm" players stomp all over their rivals.

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