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The charm and excitement that is possessed by the world’s favorite game of football is something that keeps the hearts beating for millions of fans across the world. This thrill becomes multifold when there is a competition as big as CONCACAF Gold Cup.

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CONCACAF Gold Cup is the regional championship among the national teams playing football for North America, Caribbean and Central America, organized by the main controlling body for association football for men in this region, named CONCACAF. Currently there are 12 teams that play this tournament, with Mexico being the latest champion. Mexico has won the tournament 5 times that is the best record for any team in CONCACAF.
The organization CONCACAF is basically the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football which was founded in 1961. It was a merger of Confederacion Centroamericana y del Caribe de Futbol (CCCF) and North American Football Confederation (NAFC), two of the major four organizing bodies for association football in the region. The first competition was held under this body in 1963 at El Salvador when it was decided that the competition would be held every 2 years. The routine continued till 1973, when another string was attached with the championship finals that the team winning this confederation cup would also qualify for the FIFA World Cup.
The CONCACAF Gold Cup was initiated in 1990 as a competition for the position of regional champion. It started as an eight team tournament, but the number of participant teams has now increased to 12. According to the most number of championship wins, Mexico continues to be at the top, winning 5 championship finals. The United States of America comes after Mexico with 4 championship titles on its credit. This championship is also significant in the history of professional sports in Canada, as winning CONCACAF Gold Cup was the first occasion for Canada in over a hundred years to win any major international title. Some of the most renowned players that have entertained the football fans across the globe at CONCACAF Gold Cup include best scorers like Irving Valenzuela, Luis Roberto Alves, Benjamin Galindo, Luis Hernandez, Hugo Sanchez, Victor Rangel and Miguel Sabah from Mexico, Landon Donovan, DaMarcus Beasley, Brian McBride and Eric Wynalda from the US and many others.
Being one of the major championships of the American and Caribbean region, CONCACAF Gold Cup remains one of the most watched association football events. Every year, millions of football fans await this championship as it brings to them a chance to watch some of their favorite football players show their playing skills and create an environment of celebration and jubilation. For people who wish to enjoy the game of football at its best, CONCACAF Gold Cup/Cuba tickets bring an opportunity that would surely fulfill all their heartiest desires.

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