Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1 Tickets

Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1 tickets are all the rage amongst the curling fans. This year the Bonspiel will star the rinks of Jeff Stoughton, who is the World Champion, along with former World Champions, Glenn Howard, Kevin Koe and Kevin Martin. This will be a special occasion when four Curling World Champions from Canada will appear together at the Casino Rama Curling Skins in Rama, Ontario, Canada for the annual TSN Curling Skins game. The TSN Skin Curling Game began in 1986 and then onwards the bonspiel was called the McCain TSN Skins Game. A women’s tournament sponsored by JVC was also started in 1996. The tournament continued to take place annually till it was abandoned in 2003. After a gap of three years, it was revived in 2007 with the sponsorship of Casino Rama.

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About Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1

The Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1 will take place at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre for a fifth consecutive year with a total amount of $100,000 as cash prize. Casino Rama opened in 1996 and is one of Canada’s largest casino as well as a major Sports and Entertainment venue which can seat up to five thousand spectators. The hotel has almost three hundred rooms, the Casino floor is loaded with hundred of game tables and twenty five hundred slot machines. This along with ten restaurants, two bars makes it the ideal choice to enjoy Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1 tickets.
The 2007 TNS Skins Curling game had four teams and in the first semifinal, the team of Wayne Middaugh was victorious. The Olympics silver medalist, Kevin Martin’s team won the second semi final and then went on to win the Final. The 2009 tournament also featured a women’s team captained by Women’s World Champion, Jennifer Jones. The winner was the team of four times World Champion Randy Ferbey. The 2010 Casino Rama Curling Skins Game was won by the team of David Murdoch from Scotland, who thus became the first non Canadian captain to Skip the champion team. The 2011 edition had the rinks of David Murdoch, Kevin Koe, Kevin martin and Cheryl Bernard. In the final Kevin Martin’s rink was victorious over David Murdoch’s.
The 2012 event features the same format with the even consisting of four teams. The 2008 World, 2010 Olympic and defending TNS Curling Skins Game Champion Kevin Martin and the 2010 World Champion Kevin Koe will play the Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1. The two times, 1996 and 2011 World Champion Jeff Stoughton and 2007 World Champion Glenn Howard will compete in the other for a place in the TNS Curling Skin Final.
With this great lineup of some of the best Curling players in the world, the TNS Skins Curling Game is sure to be an exciting event. For the most awaited and the biggest Skin Curling game of the year, obtain the Casino Rama Curling Skins Semifinal Game 1 tickets as soon as possible.
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