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Two of the fiercest teams in the history of American football are coming face to face in a historic match that has never been seen before. It is a match between the ferocious and impetuous Washington Redskins and the fiery Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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The Redskins belonging to the East Division of the National Football Conference and the Buccaneers part of the South Division. This historic match is truly going to be a battle of the East and the South division. With millions of fans cheering for their teams in this grand event, this match is going to be one of the most spectacular events of this year. Established in 1937, the Redskins have been crushing its rivals for over 73 years. Playing over one thousand games till date, this fierce team has truly become an outstanding football team. Winning an astounding number of 10 NFL divisional titles, 6 NFL conference championships and 5 professional American Football championships including 3 super bowls, this team has become an unmatchable and incomparable side. The Redskins were the first team in the NFL to exemplify their glory by adding a marching band to their team and the second team to have a fight song of their own. With the glamour quotient added to the team’s glory, the Washington Redskins become a team to watch out for. With their sustained history of 1000 games and over 73 years of being in this field, the team has played some of the finest games in the history of this game and produced some of the finest players this game has ever seen. The Redskin players like ‘Sonny Jurgensen, Cliff Battles, and Ken Houston among others had their names listed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and have contributed immensely to bringing this team to where it stands today. The Forbes magazine has rated the Washington Redskins as the second most valuable franchise in the NFL. Totaling to a whopping of $1.55 billion in net worth, the Redskins are the highest grossing team till date in the NFL. The matches of the team are not worth a miss and football fans from all over the country come to see the grandiose event of the redskins playing on the field. Their revenues in the year 2009 totaled to $345 million; a revenue that no other team has been able to match till date. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the other side did not start off as a strong team in the NFL. The team started out in 1976 and lost their first 26 games. The 70’s turned out to be a disastrous year. The losing streak of the team went on till the 1990’s until the Buccaneers saw their first win since the team was made. After that, the team never looked back and the team started playing strong and crushing their opponents in their matches. Buccaneers’ ‘Matt Bryant’ made the Buccaneers proud by throwing a game-winning 62 yard field goal; the second longest field goal in the history of Football. The legendary Buccaneers’ player ‘Lee Roy Selmon’ is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; an honor that very few people have been able to acquire. Despite the series of losing games that the Buccaneers saw in its initial years, this furious team redeemed itself and from then onwards, the team crushed every team that came in their way. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins come face to face in a football match worth dying for. With both the teams trying to give their opponent a crushing defeat, this match is going to be one of the most historic and memorable matches this country has ever seen. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a team that is not willing to lose any game at all, with their history of losses in this game; the Buccaneers are not willing to accept defeat any more. On the other hand is the Washington Redskins, the team that is in the habit of winning and will not accept even a single defeat. The redskins have worked so hard to get where they are today and they will not accept defeat. With the clash of the strongest teams in the NFL and the clash of some of the strongest players in these teams, football is not going to get any better than this. The Buccaneers and the Redskins and battling it out for the number one spot in a stadium near you. So grab your Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets right now and witness this event live with you and your family.

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