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A bear in the wild is the worst nightmare of the happy camper. Their ferociousness and imposing bulk is enough to overpower WWE heavyweights such as The Rock and The Undertaker. One swipe of their paw can gouge out steel from trailers and dismember human heads. However, the Titans of Greek mythological lore commanded a legacy filled with dread and are often used as symbols of might. So imagine if these two giants of the animal world and historical lore were to clash. You don't have to fantasize about what would unfold and can witness some real life explosive action by securing some Tennessee Titans Vs Chicago Bears tickets.

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About Tennessee Titans vs Chicago Bears

The National Football League team Tennessee titans compete from the American Football Conference's South Division and came into being as Houston Oilers back in 1960. In 1996, they relocated to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Oilers. It was only at the turn of the millennium that they finally acquired their current name. The Chicago Bears have gouged out a distinct niche for themselves in the world of NFL. Having been littered more than nine decades ago, they have been making their den at Chicago's Soldier Field Stadium since the 1970s. Some cheap Tennessee Titans Vs Chicago Bears tickets will enable you to behold their overpowering charge across a football battlefield.
Having been initially represented by a patriotically colored blue, red and white logo depicting an oil rig, the Tennessee Titans were stamped with their current logo in 1999. A red and blue flaming disc portraying a 'T' that looks like a blade without a handle and surrounded by three red pentagrams seems to be an apt identity of these fiery footballers. The Chicago Bears were initially represented by a bear atop a larger than life football and then a roaring bear head partially encircled within a lemon-shaped 'C'. Eventually, the Bears dropped the quintessential menacing bear head completely, settling for just the benign 'C'. However, rest assured that the Tennessee Titans Vs Chicago Bears game will be anything but benign, and is going to be witness to the full wrath of these two charged up football fiends.
Though the Tennessee Titans have not been able to clinch any NFL championships, they were fairly successful during the AFL era, emerging victorious in 2 ALF Championship games. However, they have garnered more success in their respective divisions, nabbing four in East, three whilst in Central and a pair as part of AFC's South. Interestingly, they claimed their first and only conference championship in 1999, the first year of their 'Titanic' resurgence. Nonetheless they have made it to the NFL playoffs some 16 times spread across the last three decades. The Bears on the other hand have pounced upon 9 NFL championships, though clinching only one Super Bowl in the post NFL-AFL merger era. Having claimed four conference championships, they have displayed impressive stats at the division level, having dug their claws in 18 championships. So nab some Tennessee Titans Vs Chicago Bears tickets now to see a savage showdown between two fuming football teams.

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