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Super Bowl is the Most Watched American TV Broadcast with the latest Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLVII becoming the Most Watched American TV Program in All History with over one hundred and eleven million viewers. The day that the Super Bowl takes place, such as when Super Bowl XLVII will take place, is also a national holiday and is the day on which the second most consumption of food in the US takes place, after Thanksgiving. Besides being the Most Watched Sports Event in America, the Super Bowl is also the second Most Watched Sports Event in the Whole World, secondly only to the UEFA Champions League. Additionally, advertising on the Super Bowl is the most expensive in all the year and usually features the most expensive ads by the greatest companies in the world. In fact, the Super Bowl also features spectacular live concerts by some of the greatest American artists and bands, an event that must be seen by each and every American live through Super Bowl XLVII Tickets.

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About Super Bowl XLVII

Americas most watched sports event, Super Bowl Xlvii is just around the corner. Fans are all jumpy with excitement and are dying to grab their deal of the Super Bowl XlVII. The popularity of the show can easily be accessed through the amount of commercials played during the airing of the super popular event, NFL Super Bowl. Fans from across the nation gather in one place to view this super hit event. Buy your Super Bowl Xlvii Tickets today and become a part of history while experiencing the extravaganza, hype and pageantry this big game offers. Believe it or not, witnessing this larger than life event will remain in the annals of your memory lane forever. Have your doubts? Buy your Super Bowl Tickets right away and be there to make a judgment over the event yourself.

The Super Bowl Xlvii will be the 45th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football. It would also amount as being the 41st championship game of the modern era NFL. The city playing host to the event this time around is Texas. The stadium chosen is Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. The game would be held in Texas for the third time. All the sport lovers who can't make it to the stadium can witness the action through their cozy homes since the game will be aired on television nationally. The channel doing the televising of the event this time around is none other than FOX TV.

Super Bowl Xlvii is the championship game of the NFL in professional American Football. This most popular American sporting extravaganza dates back to 1967. It was on the 15th of January that the first Super Bowl was played. It was played as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. This game was contested between the American Football League and the NFL championship team for the title "World Championship of Professional Football." Later on, however both the AFL and the NFL were merged together and the Super Bowl now came to be called the NFL championship game. There on the ritual has been to play the game on a Sunday, followed by the playoffs. Over the years, the Super Bowl has become one of the most profitable broadcasts for the United States.

The rule has been to use Roman numbers to identify each game of the Super Bowl. When the ALF and the NFL were merged as an agreement, Super Bowl was part of that agreement. Prior to the merger, both the leagues gave each other neck-to-neck competition. Due to serious rivalries and competitions between teams as well as fans it was decided to merge the leagues together. The Championship was initially called AFL-NFL World Championship Game and was unofficially called Super Bowl. However fans and media kept on using Super Bowl instead of AFL-NFL World Championship Game. During the third season of the game in 1969 the name Super Bowl became official. The first two Super Bowl championships were enjoyed by the Green Bay Packers. The name Super Bowl is derived from a toy with which Lamer Hunt's son was playing during the time discussions for naming the game were in being held among owners. Lamer Hunt was the owner of the AFL.

The Logo of the Super Bowl will remain the same with just minor modifications such as the change in Roman numerical along with the stadium backdrop. The colors would also be changed according to the area in which the game is being played. The trophy awarded to the winning team is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The trophy takes its name from the coach of the Green Bay Packers, winners of the first two Super Bowl games. Over the years, many channels have broadcasted the event and earned millions of dollars. Many commercials have to fight their way to become a part of this event. In the year 2006, there was a record $2.5 million advertisement for 30 seconds. The game enjoys extreme popularity among the massive audience spread across the nation. On an average, at any given minute 80 to 90 million Americans are tuned into the Super Bowl game. But there is nothing like watching this event live! If you don't want to miss this experience then buy your cheap Super Bowl Xlvii Tickets today and make your friends turn green with envy. It's all that any sport lover can ask for!

Super Bowl XLVIII is the next edition of the greatest championship in pro American football and the NFL as well as the most watched sports event in America. This amazing Super Bowl will take place in 2012; this time around the Away Team will be the team winning the National Football Conference Championship thus becoming the NFC Champion whereas the home team will be the American Football Conference Champion. This awesome event is to take place at the spectacular Lucas Oil Stadium that is located in Indianapolis within the US state of Indian and is the most anticipated event in the world of pro American football; definitely a must see through the use of breathtaking Super Bowl XLVII Tickets. Super Bowl XLVII will be the forty sixth Super Bowl ever held and the forty second championship game within modern NFL. This spectacular event will also be the first ever Super Bowl to take place in the city of Indianapolis as well as the fourth time for the Super Bowl to be held in a cold city. The venue of Super Bowl XLVII Lucas Oil Stadium, will also have a spectacular outdoor Super Bowl Village as well as a number of other sensational entertainment programs occurring at the Indiana Convention Center right next door. Indianapolis was selected as the host for Super Bowl XLVIII tickets after bids were received from three cities; Indianapolis, Houston and Glendale.

The first ever Super Bowl took place in 1967. Today, the winner is awarded with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The reigning Super Bowl Champion and the present holder of this trophy are the Green Bay Packers, the greatest team in the NFL with the largest number of NFL Championships won. The runner up at the last Super Bowl held, Super Bowl XLVII was the Pittsburgh Steelers with a score of twenty five whereas the Super Bowl Champion, the Green Bay Packers had a score of thirty one. The championship game that is the Super Bowl is the greatest within the NFL and pro American football and took place when the AFL and the NFL merged; it was in fact part of a special agreement in which the two leagues would become conferences and each conference champion would then battle it out for the Super Bowl Championship.


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