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American Football is one of the toughest sports across the globe. The most popular and dominant sport in America, the game truly tests the physical fitness of an athlete. Football players have to be extremely fit to play this game because it tests players to its limit in areas like passing, running, tackling, catching, kicking and blocking. With the game’s growing popularity; the professional football teams in this sport are also gaining recognition. With every state having their own football team; the official football team of Seattle is the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are one tremendous and absolutely fantastic side. Member of the Western Division of the National Football Conference in NFL, this team is on the road to success. With some of the finest players on their side, the Seahawks are becoming the fiercest team and a team to watch out for on the field. As the Seattle Seahawks grow as a stronger team, so does the team’s fan base.

About Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are grabbing the attention of millions of American Football fans across the globe. The only team to have played both the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference championships, this team is truly a tremendous side. The team came into existence in 1972 when a group of Seattle’s business and community leaders decided to acquire NFL franchise to represent the city of Seattle.Though coming into existence in 1972, the Seahawks played their first game in 1976 in the NFC West Division but they switched conferences with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and joined the American Football Conference (AFC) in the West Division. Teams in the American Football have been playing this game for over a century but the Seattle Seahawks history in this game is just over 3 decades and still this team has managed to make a name for itself. This team has started giving other clubs a tough fight on the field. They have started their winning streak. Winning a total of six divisional titles and the NFC championship game in 2005, the team did not experience success in its initial years. However, it was not long before the team started giving tough fights to its opponents and started winning divisional championships as well as the NFC and AFC championships.

As the team started gaining experience, the team started to battle it out in every single match and was not willing to accept even a single defeat. With some of the best players on the team, some of the finest coaches leading to the team to series of successes, the Seattle Seahawks fans are known to be the most enthusiastic and the loudest in the country. Since 2003, every Seahawks match in their home stadium the ‘Qwest field’ has been a sellout. The fans of the Seattle Seahawks are called the 12th man; the number 12 was retired in honor of the true, enthusiastic fans of this team. The Seattle Seahawks enjoy the loudest fans across the globe; these loudest fans have caused the Seahawks opponents to have numerous false starts and penalties. These penalties and false starts total to an astounding number of 100. The loudest fans of the Seahawks are honored at the start of every game played by this team. By raising the 12th man flag and this flag is raised by eminent personalities to honor the undying spirit of this game and the fans of Seattle Seahawks tickets.

The Seahawks have produced some of the finest players in this country; players that have been honored by being included in the Hall of Fame. ‘Franco Harris, Steve Largent, Carl Eller, Warren Moon, John Randle and Jerry Rice’ are the most eminent players in Seattle Seahawks. With the finest players, the best coaches and a fan base that is so loud that it can blow your mind away; Seattle Seahawks games have become a must watch. In addition to watching the game, experiencing the awesome battle between Seahawks and its rivals live in a stadium with millions of fans cheering their teams is a sight that you do not want to miss. With the Football season coming up, you would not want to miss out on the action and you can witness all this action by buying the tickets at the cheapest price you could have ever imagined. So grab you cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets before it’s too late!

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Interesting Facts

The only team in NFL is Seahawks which has first three letter same with their city name

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Seahawks can be the first team to win the consecutive Super Bowls

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