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San Diego Chargers Vs. Baltimore Ravens tickets bring an awaited fixture of the NFL featuring two tremendous professional American football teams; the San Diego Chargers from the AFC’s West Division and North Division’s Baltimore Ravens. The Chargers began as a club with AFL in 1960. They moved from LA to San Diego the next year to make it their permanent home. From 1994, they are the only Southern Californian representatives in the league.  A potentially and predominantly high achieving team, the Chargers emerged over the years as a very member of the league. Winning playoffs despite seasonal starts as low as 0-4 and 4–8 in years 1992 and 2008; the team players and coaching has managed a consistent graph and progressive game play. Both these assets proved pivotal in acing seasonal games with unsurpassed offense and defence. The team is amongst the top four teams possessing a commendable streak of seasonal wins since 2004. Prior to the divisional merge the Chargers contested four AFL championships via five playoffs, resulting in a single win. In the NFL the San Diego Chargers bagged ten playoff and four chances to win the AFC Championship. Their strengths primarily came from Hall of Fame football players who dominated the offensive front of the team.  

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The Ravens’ debut seasonal entry and win in 1996 shone with a remarkable 4-12 score. A revised lineup in the 1999 season lead to a tie breaking season’s end leading up to the exciting 2000 season. A similar game took place in the 2003 season’s game. The Ravens set new records in the league; they won playoffs via a division final sweep, subsequent AFC and NFL Championships. Their sole Super Bowl appearance marked the entry of the third wild card entry to win the game. Many players of the Ravens are a part of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. In the year 2004, the San Diego Chargers acquired their very first quarterback Jim Harbaugh from the Baltimore Ravens is one such deal. This ingenious decision helped them revivify the team and break spell of games lost with the beginning of the new millennium. 
The Baltimore Ravens vs San Diego Chargers is a fixture brings them in a tussle as regular seasonal and post seasonal contenders. The teams have also engaged in trade for a conditional draft choice. The Ravens and Chargers game in NFL season ended with Ravens taking chargers down with a 31-26 score. As the defending AFC North title holders, the Baltimore Ravens are ought to become more defensive than ever. The Chargers with their offensive launch and new trade in players is projecting a favorable win. San Diego Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens tickets are the best action packed live sport offering this season. To watch the spirit of American Football in the true colors of north and south west, attain San Diego Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens tickets as soon as possible. They not only promise a great game also action and thrill necessary to enjoy the following football seasons.

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