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The spectacular St Louis Rams is an American pro football franchise that has been active since 1936, playing some of the best football this side of the Atlantic. This is a franchise that has weathered it all and won it all; every title and every award, it has called its own. At present, its members practice and play at their home field of Edward Jones Dome located in St Louis, Missouri, the franchise’s home city. During their debut year in pro football, they were members of the American Football League, moving to the NFL the same year and have since then playing in its various conferences and divisions, today being a member of the National Football Conference’s West Division.

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With the official colors of white, gold and blue, the St Louis Rams are owned by Stan Kroenke and managed by Les Snead. They are coached by Jeff Fisher and were formerly known as the Los Angeles Rams when they were located in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994 and as the Cleveland Rams when they were located in Cleveland before then. To date, they have won many championships, three of which are NFL League Championships. One of these is a Super Bowl Championship won in 1999 and the other two are NFL Championships won before the Super Bowl era in 1945 and 1951. Before each of these championships, many Americans watched them live via cheap preseason Rams tickets.
The St Louis Rams have also won six Conference Championships as a member of three conferences. The last was won in 2001 and was a National Football Conference Championship. They have also won fifteen Division Championships of which the last two were won in 2001 and 2003, NFC West Division championships in all. They have appeared a staggering twenty seven times in the playoffs. They hold the record for being the only franchise in the NFL to win championships in three different American cities; St Louis, Los Angeles and Cleveland.
Fifteen players of the St Louis Rams have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They have also received five Coach of the Year Awards, six MVP Awards, one Defensive Rookie of the Year Award, three Offensive Rookie of the Year Awards, three Defensive Rookie of the Year Awards, three Defensive Player of the Year Awards and four Offensive Player of the Year Awards. With so many championships and awards to their name, this is one franchise best seen live with preseason Rams tickets in hand. 

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