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Seattle Seahawks is a National Football League team that plays its games in the Western Division of the NFC (National Football Conference). The Seahawks have the beautiful stadium, Qwest Field as their home ground that was formerly called the CenturyLink Field. Seattle Seahawks have won seven division titles and is the winner of NFC Championship Game in 2005. Whenever they are playing tickets sell fast so hurry to get your hands on cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets as soon as you can. When the team was formed in 1976, it gave Seattle its own professional football team for the first time. The efforts had started in 1972 and two years later, the NFL awarded its 28th franchise to Seattle. Lloyd W. Nordstrom played a major part in all this process, but sadly could not see his team play its first match as he died only months before the team went in the field. John Thompson served as the general manager of the young team. The name was decided by a public contest.  Seattleites were asked for a suggestion and after an overwhelming response the name Settle Seahawks was picked.

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Jack Patera was the first coach to head the untamed team. The Seahawks played their first match in Kingdome that served as the home stadium of the team.  The match was a full capacity fixture where the Seahawks played well, but were not able to win the game. Their first victory came to them in October against Buccaneers.  Their first home victory was against the Atlanta Falcons. In 1978 the manager of the team, Jack Patera was named NFL Coach of the Year when the team had their first winning season 9-7 record. The great season was followed by another successful season the next year. One of the names that shines brightly in Seahawk’s history is Steve Largent who stayed with the team for thirteen years. Largent is the first Seahawk inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995.
Seattle Seahawks have a massive fan following. The crowds at its matches are so energized and loud that they are referred to as the 12thMan. Seattle Seahawks’ fans gained this reputation in the 1980s.  The energy has to be experienced to see how it feels. If you want to be part of the loud roaring charged atmosphere then get Seattle Seahawks tickets. Seattle Seahawks crowds are known to be the loudest in the NFL and the distraction has been a factor influencing the matches. During the 2005 season, the fans noise was a major cause of distraction for the opposing team, Giants who made several false starts because of it. The team of the 2005 season is considered the best team in the history of Seattle Seahawks. If you want to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere then get the Seattle Seahawks tickets for their upcoming matches.

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