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The eagle has emerged as the nouveau symbol of the royal political elite, serving as a proxy phoenix. In order words, it has come to signify that no matter what direction or turn of events the course of human history undergoes, the bloodlines of the esoteric cabal will rise from the ashes of say a revolution or upheaval to regain control at the helm of the newly formed power pulpit. The National Football League franchise of the Philadelphia Eagles has endorsed this identity since their hatching some eight decades ago. They currently compete from the East Division that is part of the NFL's National Football Conference (NFC). Buy Eagles pre season tickets to witness their attempt to soar towards the Super Bowl once again.

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The demise of the Frankford Yellow jackets in 1933 saw the Philadelphia Eagles flutter their wings and take to the leathery football as if it was their golden egg. The franchise's ownership had been awarded to DeBenneville "Bert" Bell for a sum of then $ 2,500, and the name was taken from the infamous Blue Eagle symbol that had been adopted by the National Recovery Association for rallying American consumers to procure goods only from companies endorsing the symbol.
The Philadelphia Eagles started pecking at their football games initially at their home field of Baker Field and then moved into Shibe Park at the onset of the 1940s. The Eagles displayed lackluster performance for as they lacked sufficient manpower due to the then ongoing World War II. However the Eagles soon learnt how to fly straight and clasped their talons around three consecutive Division championships, namely from 1947-1949 and subsequently made appearances at the NFL playoffs, clinching back-to-back NFL championships in 1948 and 1949. The Philadelphia Eagles pre season games this time around will see them attempting to recapture their past glory, so snag your cheap Eagles pre season tickets pronto.
The 1950s proved to be quite an uneventful decade for the Eagles with no NFL playoff appearances and neither any significant title coming their way, even though the Eagles moved into their spanking new 60,000 seat stadium of Franklin Field. However, the Eagles soon re-grew their fighting feathers and alighted upon an NFL Eastern Conference championship as well as their third NFL title in 1960 and then made playoffs the following year and in 1966. The Eagles also changed hands from their seminal owner to Jerry Wolman against a sum of $ 5.5 million. The Eagles worth almost tripled by 1969 when they were bought by Leonard Tose, the same year when another "Eagle" apparently landed on the moon.
Throughout the 70s', 80s', 90s' and 2000s, the Eagles made an additional 19 NFL playoff appearances, picking up eight NFC East Division championships and a pair of NFC titles. The Eagles organize their preseason practice and training camp each summer for three weeks at the Lehigh University in Bethlehem. So for beholding some superior soaring across the football field by some charged padded predators, buy Eagles pre season tickets now.

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