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The history of sports is full of teams that have made their mark for generations to come. The iconic Oakland Raiders is among that selected group of very special sides that have solidified their place at among the most successful in American football history. They are gearing up towards the new season to once again make it to the top and you can enjoy the ride by buying cheap Oakland Raiders tickets.

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About Preseason Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders were formed in 1960. They started off playing as members of the American Football League. After spending the first six seasons trying to get a foothold in the division they finally hit their stride in 1967 by winning the AFL West Division title. They went all the way to the Super Bowl but that proved a step too far as they came up short against the Green Bay Packers. Nonetheless that season announced their arrival among the big boys in some style. They repeated the feat for the next two years to make it three straight division titles. In 1970 they moved to the NFL as part of the AFL-NFL merger. They started life in their new league on the front foot by winning the division title in their first season as a member of the NFL. They then went on to win not one, not two but a staggering five straight division titles in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976. The season of 1976 will forever be remembered as a season that put the Raiders among the true greats of the game. They won the division and the conference title that year. They made it to the Super Bowl that year as well where they beat the Minnesota Vikings to lay their hands on the biggest prize in the sport for the first time.
The Oakland Raiders won the conference once again in 1980 to make their way to the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. This time they needed to overcome the might of the favorites Philadelphia Eagles to win the title. The Raiders upset the odds and trounced the Eagles by a score of 27-10 to capture their second Super Bowl crown. Three years later in 1983 they once again won their division and the conference to once again appear at the Super Bowl. Their opponents were the Washington Redskins who were thumped by the Raiders by a score of 38-9.
The year’s following that triumph they have won five divisions titles and a conference crown. Their wait for an elusive fourth Super Bowl goes on but they will get there sooner rather than later because form is temporary, class is permanent. The Oakland Raiders have been a major force for the past five decades or so. They are among the most well supported teams in the league and that is one of the reasons why Oakland Raiders tickets are sold every year in such great numbers.

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