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The Houston Texans are a football team from the United States of America. It  is a situated in Houston in Texas and plays and is ranked as being a professional team. At the moment it is a part of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the South Division and also a member of the National Football League (NFL). In 2002, the Texans officially became a member of the National Football League. This happened in order for the team to become an expansion team right after the team’s last franchise known as the Houston Oilers relocated to Nashville in Tennessee. That team is called as the Tennessee Titans. The major ownership of the team belongs to Bob McNair. The Texans successfully grabbed their first playoff berth when the 2011 season took place. They came out as champions of the American Football Conference South (AFC). Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Houston Texans tickets are in a great demand.

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The team colors that identify the Texans are liberty white, deep steel blue as well as battle red. The official mascot of the Texans is known as Toro. 5% of the ownership of the team belongs to Harris County, while the rest remains with Bob McNair who is also the chairman as well as the CEO. The president of the Texans team is Jamey Rootes, the general manager is Rick Smith while the current head coach is Gary Kubiak. Houston Texans has not yet won any League Championships or any Conference Championships. However, it has won one Division championship. The home field where the team plays all of its home games is the Reliant Stadium. They have been playing in the Reliant Stadium since their creation in 2002 till the present day.
When the creation of the Texans was taking place, giving a name to the team was of concern. Then on the 2nd of March in 2000, the Houston NFL gave an announcement that the name of the team would be narrowed down to five different choices such as Apollos, Toros, Bobcats, Texans and Stallions. After many months of searching for the appropriate name, an online survey was taken place in relation to choosing the best name for the team. Ultimately, over 65,000 responses were received in merely seven days. Finally the name for the team was chosen as “Houston Texans”.
The Houston Texans enjoy a great fan following. It has proved in countless games that they are amongst the finest professional football teams in America. Now the team is scheduled to play in a live game soon. You can now avail cheap Houston Texans tickets and enjoy a fantastic and thrilling game at this superb sporting event. 

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