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For over four decades the Buffalo Bills have been there and thereabouts when it comes to taking the next step to greatness and it looks as if that time has finally come. Regarded by many as the dark horses to make the playoffs or better this season, the Bills will be looking to take the league by storm.  If you are a fan of this team then grab your cheap Buffalo Bills tickets and catch them live.

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About Preseason Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were formed in the year 1959 and were among the founding members of the American Football League in 1960. The first three years were a bit of a tough ride for the franchise. The think tank decided to do something about that so in 1963 they started to add to the offensive side of the team. Players like Cookie Gilchrist were brought on board and the move paid dividends straight away as the Bills went all the way to the playoffs. Their defense was also among the most celebrated in a league that was known for its offensive prowess’s. In 1964 that defense conceded only nine hundred and thirteen yards and a paltry three hundred tries all through the campaign which is a record. With such a breathtaking combination of offense and defense the Bills started to make their mark on the league which eventually resulted in them capturing two back to back AFL championships in 1964 and 1965.
The Bills became members of the NFL as part of the NFL-AFL merger and they started their life in the new league slowly than they would have hoped for. The fortunes started to change shortly afterwards and they recorded a winning season in 1973. That was followed by an appearance in the playoffs the next year. Chuck Knox took over the coaching duties and they captured the division title. After another few barren years they once again, the Buffalo Bills once again began to hit their stride. They ended up winning the division for four straight years between 1988-1991. In 1990 the Bills beat the Dolphins and the Raiders en route to the Super Bowl. They hit the ground running in the next regular season as well and once again made it to the Super Bowl. They won the division and conference titles both in 1993 before winning their division one more time in 1995.
The Buffalo Bills have been working hard since that triumph to make it to the top again and after some very shrewd buys they certainly seem to be making all the right noises. The signs of a major comeback are there and if they keep on believing in themselves then they will make their mark once again. The support of the fans counts for a lot during this time and they can play their part by buying Buffalo Bills tickets to go and support their team at home and on the road.

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