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Sports become nerve wrecking as two of your favorite teams strike together in a neck to neck match. One such pair of rivals is that of Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins that are both American professional Football teams. Pittsburgh Steelers are Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based football team with the record of one of the most appearances at the Super Bowl with Dallas Cowboys. With the ownership long associated with the Rooney family the die heart fans of the team are proudly claimed as Steeler Nation. The fate of the team changed as they hired the much talented and truly analytical coach Chuck Noll during 1969. The criterion of Noll was pretty simple as he selected nothing but the Hall of Famers. This marked the base of the Steelers as no other team had ever grabbed four Hall of Famers in a year. These remarkable players took the team to great heights of success as they started winning Super Bowls, and made a history by winning four Super Bowls in six years.

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Noll was replaced by Cowher, a Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator. He also marked his name on the team after his induction in 1992. Giving the super hit first six seasons, the team left the legendary accomplishment of Cleveland Browns way back after winning three AFC Championship Games too. The achievements are countless but none can forget the great endeavors that Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins mark on the field when they compete against each other. Washington Redskins is yet another great team from Washington D.C, the US capital. Since 1932, the Redskins have played more than 1000 games and have grabbed five NFL Championships. The list of the achievements of the franchise is a long one but the most appreciable note to take into consideration is that by Forbes Magazine. According to their rating the Redskins is the second most expensive franchise with the first one being Dallas Cowboy. With the worth of $1.55 billion in 2009, the Washington Redskins have truly made football and NFL games the most exciting ones.
No matter who competes against Washington Redskins, the game gets nerve-wrecking and terribly engrossing. As the two great competitors Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins strike in the field the game gets tougher and truly engrossing. With Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins tickets you too can experience the game that will inspire you to fall in love with it like anything. Just during the 2009 season Washington Redskins grossed the huge sum of $345 million thus rating it as one of the highest rated NFL team of the season. By achieving not just this mark but Redskins have also broken the NFL record for the nine years in a single season attendance. They also have a marching band and a fighting song that is special in NFL for the Redskins alone. Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins tickets can give you a chance to be the part of this marvelous game experience. 

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