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The National Football League, the NFL is known for playing the highest degree of football in the US. It emerged in the year 1920 with eleven teams and gradually grew its membership list, including some of the best football teams of the country. Amongst all the other sports leagues at the domestic level, the NFL is considered to have made a record of attracting the highest number of fans to its games. In its latest season each NFL game was attended by 67,509 fans, which is the highest number of fan attendance in any game world wide.

About Oakland Raiders

Off all the big teams that come under the NFL umbrella, Oakland Raiders tickets is one of the biggest and the most sought after football team. The Oakland Raiders play in the National Football League's Western Division and has its base in the Californian city of Oakland. It was in 1960 that the Raiders joined the American Football League and became its eight member. The beginning seasons in the league were quite struggling for Oakland Raiders but soon they stood strong and won their first league championship in 1967, winning the division the very same year. Having secured their first two wins in 1967 the Raiders went on winning some more division titles consecutively in 1968 and again in 1969. The Raiders have also played in one Super Bowl during their membership of the American Football League. The team joined the NFL after the merger of the American Football League and the National Football League in 1970. Ever since the Oakland Raiders joined the NFL it is like their fate has taken a complete u-turn, of course in the team's favor bringing them to a much stronger position as compared to what they were as an AFL team. Being a member of the NFL, the Oakland Raiders have won the Super Bowls thrice, played in the XXXVII Super Bowl and has also won division titles twelve times. Looking at the remarkable and the consistent success of the Raiders it should not come as a surprise to many that in the history of Oakland Raiders thirteen of its players have been included in the Hall of Fame of professional football namely the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Between the years 1982-1988 the world saw the Oakland Raiders moving to Los Angeles leaving behind its place of origin i.e. the Oakland. The phase of transition is marked by many controversies in the team's history, with lawsuits being filed by the forces opposing the movement to counter reactions by the ones favoring it. But in a nutshell, to the disliking of many, the team did move down to Los Angeles. The period of the infamous movement is considered by many as a bleak period in the history of Oakland Raiders. In the beginning the team showed an extraordinary performance at their new home city, Los Angeles, sweeping a victory first in 1983 and then in 1984. However the Oakland Raider's fortunes did not last for long and from the season of 1986 to the 1989 season, Los Angeles faced the losing seasons consecutively and scored no more than 8-8 in each of these seasons. All this led to fewer fan attendance in the Raider games and talks of moving the team back to its origin, the city of Oakland. Finally in 1995, the team did move back to Oakland, the move which was received with immense fanfare and celebration.

Oakland Raiders like all the other teams has always gone through the ups and downs of winning and losing but the promise of the team remain and the fans still believe in what the team has to offer. After facing much misfortune the Raiders made their come back in 2008, the season that is marked as the team's best win after they had miserably lost the Super Bowl back in 2002. However the Oakland's finished third; it was seen as a pleasant surprise by the fans because it was their first season after 2002 that they did not finish at the bottom of the league table.

Even the 2010 season looks bright coming with a promise of seeing Oakland Raiders winning their games. The Oakland Raiders are live and kicking in the 2010 season and this is your chance to cheer your favorite team not while you sit in front on your TV screen with a big bowl of popcorn but to actually go down there and cheer them in the stadiums. Grab your Cheap Oakland Raiders tickets and get ready for a lot of cheering.

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