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American football is undoubtedly one of the most fast paced and thrilling games watched enthusiastically in the US along with ice hockey and basketball. Fans come in great numbers at the football games to support their teams and due to huge crowd attendance, this game has become very competitive, popular and full of rivalry. NFL (National Football League) Pro Bowl is being played for almost 7 decades now and with the passage of time its attendance is increasing. All football fans are invited to witness this great event and even if you are not a very big fan of American Football this event will prove to be a great experience for you so grab your NFL Pro Bowl tickets only from us as we give you value for your money!

About NFL Pro Bowl Tickets

NFL Pro Bowl started somewhere in the 30’s and as there was a merger of AFL (American Football League) and NFL in 1970 so this game is now commonly known as AFC (American Football Conference)-NFC (National Football Conference) Pro Bowl. NFL Pro Bowl is an all-star game which means that the best players in their respective leagues play in this event, the first Pro Bowl season featuring an all-star lineup was played in 1939 and the venue for this historic event was Wrigley Field in Chicago. Since then the game has been played at different venues and the most famous one has been the very spacious and beautiful Aloha stadium in Hawaii, this venue has hosted 30 consecutive seasons of NFL Pro Bowl from 1989-2009, 2010 event was played at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami which is also the home stadium for the very famous Miami Dolphin. The upcoming event of 2011-12 Pro Bowl season will again be played at Aloha Stadium, this venue is located on 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd in Honolulu Hawaii and has the seating capacity for 50000 spectators. Mostly all all-star games are held during the mid of regular season but Pro Bowl is unique as it is held at the end of NFL season.

As NFL is an all-star game and the best league players are selected so there is a proper procedure of selection, a few years back only players and coaches were authorized to vote and select but this has been changed, now voting is done in 3 categories i.e. top players are voted by fans, the players themselves and also by team coaches every category counts for one third of the total. Uniform pattern is also fixed and normally all the players wear helmets bearing their actual league logo but the jersey and pants are either blue or red for both the AFC players and NFC players, the uniform design is changed after every 2 years and the colors are rotated between both teams, means for 2 years AFC will wear read and the next 2 years NFC will wear the same, uniform contract is with the very famous sports gear manufacturers Reebok.

Since 1970 when the AFL-NFL merger took place, both conferences have won pro Bowl and Super Bowl 9 times and NFC has won the Super Bowl 10 times. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts hold the record of winning six MVP awards followed by Chicago Bears and Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams winning it 5 each whereas Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens have never won an MVP Award. 2 players Marshall Faulk and Adrian Peterson are the only ones who have won 2 awards in the same season namely Offensive Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Award. NFL Pro Bowl is truly an event of the finest football players and pulsating matches ending in a nail biting finish are guaranteed, so sports lovers hurry up before it’s too late! Book your NFL Pro Bowl tickets in advance from us and catch the excitement!

The biggest all star game in America is coming your way with 2013 NFL Pro Bowl edition not too far away now. This one-off game will pit the biggest names in American Football against each other in a game that has been among the highlights of the sporting calendar since its inception. You can be a part of it as well by buying 2015 NFL Pro Bowl tickets and catching it live at the stadium.
The first incarnation of football’s all star game came to the fore on 15th January, 1939 at the famous Wrigley’s Park. It was played at the same venue next year before moving to New York and Philadelphia for the next two years. In those days of infancy the champions of the league used to square-off against an all-star side. Four of the first five editions were won by the league winners whereas the fifth one was won by the all star squad. Then World War II had its own travelling constraints so the game was disbanded.
1950 saw the reincarnation of the game under a new name, the Pro Bowl. The format was changed as well. As per the new guidelines all star teams from the two divisions would be put together to complete against each other. The coaching duties were given to the coaches of the two division champions. The Pro Bowl was held in Los Angeles for twenty one years straight between 1951 and 1972. The venue was rotated for each of the next seven editions before heading over to the Aloha Stadium for the next three decades. In 2009 the Pro Bowl made its way to the Sun Life Stadium. That game took place on 31st January which made it the first game in history to be held before the Super Bowl.
Both teams are selected through a voting process in which the players, fans and the coaches all take part. Each segment’s votes are given a one third weight. The supporters are allowed to cast their vote online on the NFL’s webpage. What makes the Pro Bowl different from the all star games of other sports is the fact it is staged at the end of the regular season whereas all other all star games are played during the middle part of the campaign. It is by far and away the most watched all star game in America. Thirteen and a half million fans tuned in to watch the 2012 edition.
The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl is expected to be the biggest event of them all. Thousands are expected to pack the Aloha Stadium to the rafters to watch what promises to be an epic encounter. So if you want to add your name to that lucky crowd then book your Pro Bowl tickets now and experience all that makes the game so special, live.

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