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The team of football legends like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Ronnie Lott and the first National Football League (NFL) team to have ever won five Super Bowls, the NFL Preseason San Francisco 49ers is about to begin. The team which has given you “The Catch”, and Super Bowl XXIII, promises you to give another round of exciting games in its upcoming preseason. ‘The Niners’ will be pitched against teams like the San Diego Chargers, Houston Texans, the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints. The team’s preseason starts towards the end of the second week of August and they play against the Saints in the New Orleans Superdome. We have on our site 49ers preseason tickets so make the most of this opportunity.

About NFL Preseason San Francisco 49ers Tickets

So what is preseason and why watch the games during this season? NFL Preseason is essentially a “warm-up” start for professional football teams before they start their regular season. The word “Pre” refers to prior to the beginning of the regular season of American football. During this season, teams play few exhibition games which aren’t counted towards their official statistics and the games won or lost do not affect the team’s overall ranking in the NFL. So if these are exhibition games, than what is their importance? These NFL Preseason games are important both for the team and their fans. The team management gets to see their new players (rookies or players recently acquired from other teams) in action. Based on their preseason performance it is decided whether to put them in the list of players playing in the regular season or not. The fans, too, get to see these new players in action and based on what they see they form an educated opinion on the prospects of their team’s performance during the regular season.
The NFL Preseason usually starts in the first week of August with the Hall of Fame Game. Although there is no rigid schedule of preseason games, the games are usually held on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. The fans get to see their favorite team play without missing other exciting games since different television channels air different football games. For example, ESPN airs Monday night game, NFL Network airs Thursday night game, CBS airs Friday night game and Fox channel airs the Saturday night game.
The NFL is the governing body of American football and releases the schedule of all preseason, regular season and post-season games. The League pitches those teams against each other which are geographically closer to each other. For example San Francisco 49ers and Raiders play frequently against each other in the preseason. This is done to reduce long distance traveling, before the regular season begins. But irrespective of geography, if the teams are in the same division, they do not face each other in the preseason.
As you read these lines, the preseason has already started and your favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers is doing great during this season. It is time to get up, close and personal with your favorite team by buying NFL Preseason San Francisco 49ers Tickets now!

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Q:I need some good seats for the game. Do you have them with 49ers preseason tickets on your website?

A:You can have the best seats in the place with san francisco 49ers Tickets bought from our website.

Q:Where can i have the seat numbers for 49s preseason tickets?

A:You cannot have the seat numbers for San Francisco 49Ers Tickets as that information is not allowed us to have by the ticket brokers.