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NFL Preseason Minnesota Vikings Tickets Tickets

Minnesota Vikings play in the NFC’s North Division. Mostly in competition with great football teams such as the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. The Vikings football team has been providing its fans with quality football entertainment since the 60s. In 1969, the Vikings won their NFL Championship, they have been one of the six NFL teams to have won at least 15 games during any season and have the highest winning percentage in the history of NFL.

About NFL Preseason Minnesota Vikings Tickets


To date, the Vikings have qualified 25 times for the playoffs which is a huge achievement for any football franchise. Apart from that, the team has displayed outstanding sportsmanship in a total of four Super Bowls. Currently, 12 members from the team are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Come and support your favorite team by reserving yo ur NFL Preseason Minnesota Vikings tickets.


After their third round NFL Draft pick, Fran Tarkenton was appointed as the team’s leader. With his tireless efforts, the Vikidefddfngs garnered victory with a 10-0 start, making their way to their seventh division title in eight years. A devoted and enthusiastic football player, Fran Tarkenton threw 239 touchdowns and placed more than 33,000 passing yards making an amazing team record.


By the 70s, the Vikings were one of the most valuable teams in NFC enjoying victory in seven consecutive games. Another notable Viking is Adrian Peterson who was drafted at a noticeable spot a few years ago. He soon won multiple individual awards for displaying excellent skills while leading the whole league in his second NFL season. Some of the teams that they are ready to compete with them in the upcoming games include, Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders.


The Cardinals have been playing for over a 100 years and are known for winning multiple League and Division championships. Oakland Raiders have also been playing American football for over five decades winning many prestigious trophies and major league competitions. If you are a fan of football and looking for some quality entertainment, you can come to the TCF Bank Stadium where all the live action is about to happen.  


On the Vikings roster, every one of the players will be competing for the NFC North title and a trip back to the NFL Playoffs. Come and support your favorite team at the TCF Bank stadium. If you are a true fan of the sport and yearn to follow through great chapters of football history, make sure to watch every game that the Vikings brings to you by getting your NFL Preseason Minnesota Vikings tickets from us