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One of America’s most lovable games, football has been going on from the early 20s/30s. It started from hundreds and ended up with an audience of more than 80 thousand people. The atmosphere of the game has always been out of this world. Watching it live is way beyond anybody’s expectations. This is the game that fans prefer to watch up close and live. Among many rising teams, Denver Broncos has made a great name for itself. Based in Denver, Colorado, Denver Broncos are currently a part of the American Football Conference (AFC) Western Division in the National Football League (NFL). They’ve been playing from the 60s as a member of the American Football League and joined the NFL as part of the AFL-NFL merger. Due to the team’s tireless effort and devotion, they won six AFC Championships and two Super Bowls.  In addition, they’ve also won over 10 Division Championships. They are currently playing at the INVESCO Field at Mile High and have three players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The names are Floyd Little, John Elway and Gary Zimmerman.

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On August 14, 1959 the team was founded when minor league baseball owner Bob Howsam was awarded an American Football League charter franchise. The Broncos was the very first American Football team to win a game over the Boston Patriots. They defeated the NFL team on 5 August, 1967 and became the first ever AFL team to beat an NFL in a preseason game. Floyd Little is the man who was quite convinced about keeping the team in Denver. Because of his wholehearted efforts on and off the field, the team is now on the peak of success.  The Broncos may have faced many hurdles and hardships in the earlier times but it was all worth it. The players are now fully polished and devoted towards the game like never before. If we talk about the entertainment part, then the Bronco’s Mascots play a great role in that. One is the Thunder II, which is a live horse with all the jersey color schemes. The second one is Miles, who wears a costume suit. A huge custom-made horse that is all beautifully dressed up accompanies the entrance of the players. This adds to the enjoyment of the spectators and boosts up the hype of the event. The combinations of the team’s orange, blue and white jerseys have been quite popular among the fans. Thousands of spectators could be seen wearing those during the game.

The Broncos are famous for giving sold out seasons for the past many years. They have a very strong fan base which leads to a remarkable increase in the audience’s turnover every year. More than 10 thousand people come to see the game, which makes the whole atmosphere quite energetic. For people who are not quite aware about the whole thing, the game is an antidote for boredom. Come along as many people as you can and be amazed by the outstanding sporting events. These passionate players have devoted their lives to this game and are the perfectionists of American football. Many of the players are also inducted into the Ring of Fame, such as Steve Atwater, Karl Mecklenburg, Tom Jackson and Lionel Taylor. Additionally some of the Sports Hall of Fame inductees are Rick Upchurch, Dan Reeves and Shannon Sharpe. Secure the best seats and be a part of this upcoming NFL Preseason. The players are ready to set records and show the opponents, what they’re really made of. Your support and encouragement would go a long way. This one’s going to be big and full of surprises and don’t forget to bring along your friends and families. Its better that you get your Nfl Preseason: Denver Broncos Tickets before hand!

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