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American football is a game loved and watched by millions of people across the United States. Whenever one talks about this game, there is one name that stands out and that is New Orleans Saints. This team has immense potential and always put a great show whenever they come on the ground. The audience are always at the edge of their seats mainly because New Orleans Saints know how to enthrall their fans and stun their opponents with their game. Since formation it has won 4 Division championships, 1 Conference championship and 1 Super Bowl championship. The Saints have 7 Playoff appearances. Currently they play in South division of NFC (National Football Conference) and are reigning champions of NFL (National Football League). All you Football fans grab your Cheap New Orleans Saints tickets from us, we offer you the cheapest tickets to watch this great team in action.  

About New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints are headquartered in Metairie adjacent to New Orleans Louisiana and they play in Louisiana superdome in New Orleans. In the year 1966 famous businessman and sports executive David Dixon played a pivotal role in the formation of the Saints. Dixon was also a partner in the ownership of the team and he persuaded the governor to fund the construction of a superdome. On 1st Nov, 1966 NFL officially granted the city of New Orleans with NFL franchise. The team was named after a famous jazz song and the date on which franchise was awarded is same as Catholic All Saints Day i.e. 1st Nov.

From the year 1967 to 1974 Tulane Stadium was the home ground for the Saints. Famous Los Angeles Rams player Tom Fears was named as the head coach. Initially the Saints started off good in the pre-season and despite exceptional efforts of wide receiver John Gilliam lost in their opening regular season 27-13 to Los Angeles Rams. Their first win 31-24 was against Philadelphia Eagles. The Saints ended their first season at a very low score 3-11.

In 1970 J.D Roberts replaced Tom as the new coach and due to merger of AFL-NFL the Saints were placed in NFC West. The Saints got an important victory when they defeated Detroit Lions in a nail biting finish but lost all the next games and finished the season at their lowest ever 2-11-1. In 1971 Saints got acclaimed player Archie Manning but even his great form was not helpful and the Saints finished 4-8-2. In 1973 John North joined as the head coach and under him the Saints went 5-9 consecutively in the years 1974-75.Coach Dick Nolan was hired in 1978 and the Saints performance saw some improvement and they ended the season at their best ever score of 7-9. In 1979 Saints were off to a very good start but eventually were out classed by San Diego Chargers and they finished 8-8.

Bum Phillips was team coach from 1981-85 and during these years the Saints record was good they finished 4-12 in 81, 4-5 in 82, 8-8 in 83, 7-9 in 84 and 5-11 in 85. In 1985 Tom Benson bought the franchise and hired Jim Mora as the coach and during his tenure the team improved tremendously and in 1987 the team exhibited their best playoff performance and first ever win record of 12-3. In 1991 Saints won their 1st NFC West Divisional title. In 1996 Jim left the team and Mike Ditka joined but the Saints ended their two seasons 6-10 in 1997-98. Jim Haslett was coach from 2000-05 and during his time the Saints had their first ever playoff win and won their 2nd NFC West Divisional title.

Sean Payton joined in 2006 as coach and under him the team made great progress. Saints made history by beating Super Bowl Champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers twice and won their 3rd Divisional and 1st ever NFC South title. 2007-08 seasons were not very encouraging as the Saints ended them at 7-9 and 8-8 respectively. 2009 proved to be the Saints best year as they beat Minnesota Vikings 31-28 to win their 1st Conference title and score longest undefeated season ever by a team 13-0. In the same year they won their 4th Divisional and 2nd NFC South title and above all won their first ever Super Bowl by defeating Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

Some famous names playing for the Saints are Malcolm Jenkins, Paul Spicer, Chip Vaughan, Stanley Arnoux, Roderick Coleman and Anthony Waters. Watching New Orleans Saints live is an unforgettable experience so don’t miss this opportunity, book the best New Orleans Saints tickets only from us and feel the adrenalin rush!!!!!.


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