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The three times world champions, New England Patriots also know as 'The Pats', the professional American football team based out of the Greater Boston area. The Pats play their home games in the Foxborouh, Massachusetts at the amazing Gillette stadium. New England Patriots play in the East Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

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The Patriots are the only second team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in four years (Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVII and XXXIX), they are also the 8th team to win consecutive Super Bowls. The Patriots boasts the longest winning streak in NFL history, 21 games from October 2003 - October 2004.

New England Patriots tickets have a long running rivalry with the New York Jets, also founding members of AFC East since inception in 1970. The ever so exciting rivalry between Patriots and Jets heated up in 1996 when Bill Parcels, Patriot's head coach controversially left the Pats to become head coach at the New York Jets.

Meanwhile, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts rivalry intensified recently with rise of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, when the teams met in the playoffs of 2003, 2004 and 2006 battling it out for the season's Super Bowl.

The Patriots have also enjoyed commercial success, according to Forbes in 2009. The estimated value of the franchise has reached $ 1.361, which is the third highest in NFL. Owner Robert Kraft bought the Pats for only 175 million back in 1994. In 2002, the New England Patriots moved into their new $350 million home, the Gillette Stadium, a facility financed by the owning entity The Kraft Group.

However, before 2002 the Patriots home used to be Foxbro stadium dating back till 1971 which was also the first year the Patriots competed in the NFL. Back then they used to be called the Boston Patriots playing in the American Football League.

Besides the glorious history and tradition watching the Patriot games are a complete spectacle, with the Patriots cheerleaders and the revolutionary minuteman mascot, Pat Patriot wearing the New England Patriots jersey. Back in 2007, ESPN named the Pats celebrations; top ten celebrations of the league whenever the Patriots scored a touchdown or a field goal, the 10-man minuteman militia fire a round of blanks from flintlock muskets from the opposite end zone.

The New England Patriots' Hall of Fame that came into being in 1991 includes 15 ex-Pat players. The Pats in 2007 also introduced a new nomination committee that gave internet user an opportunity to vote for three of their favorite Pats. However it was specified that to be a member of the Pats Hall of Fame, a Pat has to be retired for a minimum of four years.

With everything else the New England Patriots also are proud of having a flagship radio station, the 98.5 FM owned by CBS Radio. The Pats also have a larger radio existence which is names after the team, The New England Patriots. The radio network has a total of 37 affiliated channels that spread across 7 states of America. All the season and preseason games whether or not broadcasted on national radio are surely there on the New England Patriots network. Fans have always loved tuning in to their favorite team's radio network are have never risked the chance of missing even a single game.

This time around you should not just bank on the radio or the television which of course have been your partner in bringing your Pats games to you but you should rather go be a part of the game and cheer your Pats out loud. Cheap New England Patriots Tickets online and watch your game live and that too on a price that is not too heavy on your pockets.


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