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Sun04 Oct 202003:25:PM Arrowhead Stadium,Kansas City,MOKansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots
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Sun11 Oct 202012:00:PM Arrowhead Stadium,Kansas City,MOKansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders
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A competent and experienced American football side, stationed in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City Chiefs are a fantastic side to watch out for. Known for some of the most terrific matches this team has played, the chiefs are regarded as one amongst the best. For over 51 years now, the chiefs have dwelled a challenge for all the leading sides in American Football. In the NFL (National Football League) the Kansas City Chiefs are an associate of the Western Division of the AFL (American Football League). Formed by Lamar Hunt (an outstanding and energetic player himself, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame list and founder of American Football League) as the Dallas Texans, the team re-designated themselves as Kansas City Chiefs in 1963 and transposed to Kansas City, Missouri. The team has always been known for its team spirit and dedication for the game ever since it came to the American Pro Football Scene. The Kansas City Chiefs during its preceding years were a wonderful success story and dramatically changed the appearance of Pro football, securing 3 AFL league titles, taking American Football to new limits.

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Kansas City Chiefs became the second team to defeat Minnesota Vikings (an NFL Franchise) 23-7 in Super Bowl IV in the NFL-AFL Championship Match. Second side to show up in super bowl and the first to play championship game in two distinct decades, the Kansas City Chiefs has had, from its very beginning, some of the most outstanding players and coaches who have been true to the game. This team over decades has given some of the most renowned and charismatic players to American Football. These players and coaches, by all means, have served the sport and have lived for it. Players like John Alt (position:T), Ed Budde (position:G), Lloyd Burruss (position:CB) and Mack Lee Hill (position:RB) to name a few have made a name for themselves and for the Kansas City Chiefs. These players have been enlisted in the club's resident hall of fame list. The list comprises of 35 Kansas City Chiefs outstanding achievers in the history of American Football. Among that Hall of fame List of 35 top players include 7 players who have found a place in the Pro Football hall of fame, where many great and outstanding players have failed to secure a place. It has been an outrageous achievement on the part of this great team from Kansas, thanks to the player acquisition policy set up by the eminent founder Lamar Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs were filled with outstanding and outrageous players like Len Dawson (Quarterback),Bobby Bell and Willie Lanier(Linebackers), Buck Buchanan (Defense End) and Jan Stenerud (Kicker). Coaches like Hank Stram (Head Coach and a great inspiration for Kansas City Chiefs) had an exceptional record to deliver as the side's chief coach throughout AFL's history. Hank Stram had a great record throughout his career and remained a source of courage and fire power for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Throughout the history of the Kansas City Chiefs, their uniform and especially there logo (showing the Texas State in white with a star in yellow showing the Dallas city) has remained a style statement amongst the fans of American Football. During the early days of the Kansas City Chiefs, their Jersey was of either white or red color with names of the players printed on the back with black or any different color from the background. Along with the amazingly stylish jersey, white color pants are worn by the players. Never have the Kansas City Chiefs worn any other color jersey, apart from their famous red or white jersey and a matching color helmet. Amongst the fans of Kansas City Chiefs, and especially children, this uniform is a source of inspiration and desire. Young children especially insist their parents to buy the chiefs uniform as they also want to play the game as their heroes do for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fourth on the list of the biggest arena of the NFL, the Arrowhead Stadium with a total capacity of 77,000 people is the home for the Kansas City Chiefs since 1972. In the mid of this current year, the Arrowhead Stadium went under a $325 million up gradation plan, making it one of the most wonderful arenas to be in. Due to the magnificence of the stadium and the increasing popularity of the team, Kansas City Chiefs Tickets have become hot property and priority for the football fans. The main thing about watching a game live is that you get to sit at a place where you get a good view. With us offering cheap Kansas City Chiefs Tickets elite to stands, you will be able to choose wherever you want to sit. So there is nothing to wait for, get your Kansas City Chiefs Tickets and you will be on your way to a festival of soccer!

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