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Football fans eagerly wait to watch the nail biting matches between old rivals and watching Kansas City Chiefs play against Denver Broncos is just another such match. Both the teams share certain similarities and always produce spectacular energy on the field that becomes the talk of the town for many more years. As the name suggests, Kansas City Chiefs is based in Kansas City whereas, Denver Broncos is based in Denver Colorado. Both the teams are member of the Western Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). One similarity between both the teams is that they were formed in the 60’s and they joined the NFL during AFL NFL merger of 1970.

About Kansas City Chiefs Vs Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs were formed in 1963 when Larmar Hunt agreed to relocate the Dallas Texans that was formed in 1960 to Kansas. However, the era of sixties is the most successful for Kansas City Chiefs as they won three league championships during this period during 1962, 1966 and 1969. They started as a really strong team in the American Football League but sadly could not continue their victorious pattern. During 70’s, Arrowhead Stadium became the home ground for Kansas City Chiefs. The team’s dismal performance continued through the 90s and 2000s. However, after several changes, in 2010 they were able to clinch their first AFC title since 2003 that definitely gave their fans something to cheer about. And now the fans are really excited about their upcoming game and the sale of cheap Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos tickets are at an all time high.
Denver Broncos were formed in 1960 and have been a pretty successful franchise by winning six AFC Championships and two Super Bowls. Mile High is the home ground for Denver Broncos. Orange, Navy and White are the colors for Denver Broncos and in the seventies they were also called as Orange Crush as they had few successful seasons during this period. During 90’s Denver Broncos went through some changes which proved fruitful as they managed their two Super Bowl wins during the 90’s. However, Denver Broncos just like Kansas City Chiefs have been a bit unpredictable by sometimes making it to the playoffs and sometimes entirely missing them.
In 2005, Denver Broncos were able to get their first AFC West Division title since 1998. However, in 2006 for the final playoff spot, their fans can never forget the way they lost the tie breaker to Kansas City Chiefs. Denver Broncos kept Shanahan as their head coach for 14 seasons which makes him their most successful coach along with being the only that has served them for the longest period.Both the teams have had their high points and some low points and their old rivalry has generated increased speculation about the expected winner at the end of the next game. If you do not want to miss the most eagerly awaited game of this season get the Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos tickets now.

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