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In the wild, both the jaguar and the bear are solitary hunters, stalking their prey at first then charging at it to overwhelm it with their sheer strength. Where the jaguar is immediately perceived to be gifted with speed and agility, the bear though appearing as a lumbering oaf, can reach speeds of up to 30 mph. The football fiefdom of the NFL also likens many of its teams to different species of wild animals. Two of its teams are the snarling Jacksonville Jaguars and the raging Chicago Bears. Where the latter have been throwing their weight for more than eight decades, the former have been darting around for a little under two. Score some Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Chicago Bears tickets to witness these two ferocious football playing entities attempt to cut each other down to size.

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Though the Jaguars were littered into existence in 1995, football in Jacksonville had long been a popular spectator sport. Jacksonville is the site of the most prominent sporting event of college football, the Gator Bowl, since 1946. Professional football took off in the 1960s but even after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, Jacksonville was hesitant to host an NFL franchise, opting instead of fostering teams such as the Jacksonville Sharks and the Jacksonville Bulls as part of the World Football League and the United States Football League. Your cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Chicago Bears tickets will enable you to experience their fearsome football evolution. Where bears have natural affinity for honey, it seems that the Chicago Bears developed a love for food starch early on, what with them being formed by the company A. E. Staley that was a major food starch manufacturer. Initially making their den in the proprietary Staley Field Stadium, the Bears soon migrated to Wrigley Field in the 'Roaring Twenties' and after marking it as their territory for half-a-century, planted their paws in Soldier Field. They currently prowl in the second incarnation of the Soldier Field after it underwent renovations in 2002. The Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Chicago Bears game will be testament to their football fury.
Competing from the South Division of the NFL's American Football Conference, the Jaguars have yet to sink their fangs into a Super Bowl or even a conference championship. However, they have made six playoff appearances and grabbed hold of a pair of back-to-back AFC Central Division titles. Hence the most successful phase of the Jaguars was with Tom Coughlin as the head coach from their inception to 2002. Interestingly, they had been inducted into the NHL along with another lot of feline footballers, the Carolina Panthers. Fred Taylor truly embodied the animalistic abilities of the jaguar when his 90-yard run became the longest one in the NFL playoffs ever. The Bears have rumbled their way to 9 NFL championships, including one Super Bowl and besides latching on to four conference championships, have dug their claws into 18 division titles, including a consecutive streak of five championships in the eighties. Lock down some Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Chicago Bears tickets to behold these beastly teams tear up the turf.

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