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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bear Detroit calls two members of the North NFC. The ninety-two years old Chicago Bears belong to the top five rankers of the NFL. Contributing positively with wins like the Super Bowl XX, this team has been able to cumulate the leading percentages of wins for the North NFC. The Detroit Lions are weaker compared to the Bears with respect to winning credentials; however the team’s line up, strong coaching and goodness of spirit is evaluated to be one of the best in the NFL.

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In the last decade, The Bears have taken eleven titles of thirteen meetings, most of them tagged with their domination. Interestingly, in 2007, a 16-7 road game against the Chicago Bears boosted their standing and spirits for bringing down the Bears, a long striding strive. The Bears defence and offense presents itself as a fearsome one for the Lions. Nonetheless Lions have always supported their offense with a change in the lineup of backing, receiver and nose runner plays.


The Packers being the division topper, the Bears want the titles. However, they are reviewed to be decelerating in their command, aggression and control. The aggressive Lions in the backdrop of their defeat suffer a dual imprint on the morale. The positive side is that the Lions are young, more potent and passionate as they are hungry for success. Eyes set on the second rank in the division and waiting for the NFC Wildcard, the Bears are starving. Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bear Detroit tickets will envisage the flavour of it all.

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