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Having a home ground in Denver, Colorado The Denver Broncos is a professional football team. The Broncos is presently the affiliate of American Football Conference (AFC).  The team made its debut in 1960 as a constituent of American Football League; it afterwards collaborated with National Football League as both organizations merged together. This gave team an immense push thus it progressed by leaps and bounds. Winner of six AFC championships and two Super Bowls, Broncos play their games at INVESCO Field. The Denver Broncos became the first ever AFL team to win against Boston Patriots. It also pinned down the renowned NFL team Detroit Lions, thus gaining the prestige of the foremost AFL team to leave behind an NFL team.

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After thirteen years of its conception, Denver’s won their first season in 1973. In 1972, the team revamped itself thus hiring John Ralston as their Head Coach. In the following year, Ralston was rated as AFC Coach of the Year after foreseeing the team’s immaculate performance. Finally after observing much negation, Ralston had to forego his leadership after 1976 season. Red Miller joined the team with much promises and also took the team to playoffs in 1977 although Denver’s faced a defeat by Dallas Cowboys. The team went through several ups and downs in the following years with finally gaining the tribute of the most dominating teams of the year 1996. John Elway the prized quarterback player of Denver Broncos earned the team the title of Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award thus encouraging Denver players to reach Super Bowl six times while succeeding it in 1997-1998 seasons too. Although Elway retired in 1998, but the fans still expect Elway like performance in the quarterback believing the fact that no player can reach the level set by him.


Denver Broncos had a divisive win in 2008 against their well-charged rival San Diego Chargers although they progressed a bit by the mid season. In the 2008 season finale Broncos and Chargers came face to face each other at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium where Chargers defeated Broncos and became the first NFL team to step in the final quarter of a regular season. The 2010 season started off with injuries to various players of the tem thus giving a blow to the performance of Denver Broncos.


The famous rivals to Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers also started off in 1960. Categorized as the associate of American Football League, the Chargers proved their worth in the league in the following years. Although now based in San Diego, California, the team made their start from Los Angeles. Qualcomm Stadium is the arena for Chargers home games. Chargers reached AFL playoffs five times after winning the AFL title in 1963. Sid Gillman made his name as the only coach for ten years. 2003 proved to be the worst year for Chargers as they produced the worst record long with three other teams in the NFL season.


San Diego Chargers were amongst the eight teams to be classified as the original American Football League teams. The other teams include Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, The Boston Patriots, The Buffalo Bills, Dallas Texans, The Houston Oilers and New York Oilers. In 1963 AFL Championship became the marked symbol of Chargers as the team left the Boston Patriots way behind. Being the epitome of National Football League since 1970, San Diego Chargers appeared in 12 playoffs and made to Super Bowl XXIX by the end of 1994 season.


With exceptions to the color, the Chargers have been using the same arc-shaped logo with lightning bolt since its conception in 1960. Keeping the half century testimony, the Chargers made praise worthy record by winning 375 matches, although 11 were tied and 370 were lost too.


With such enlightened careers, the well-famed teams, Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers are facing each other once again for a blown-out experience. Witness the vigor and zeal in both the teams keeping your eyes fixed at the renowned players while they exhibit their best before their fans. With the arena echoing to the love of its fans, Denver Broncos VS San Diego Chargers is once again taking away your heart beats. Don’t miss this exquisite opportunity to be the part of it!

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