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The Denver Broncos team is from the West Division of the AFC. The winner of two Super Bowls and the AFCC six times, Broncos also became the first AFL team to take down an NFL team. Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII went to them along with six conference championships. Professional Football Hall of Fame regards six players of the team. Exhibiting one of the most competent and completive team of players with impeccable defense and offence, Denver Broncos makes NFL season a great attraction.

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The East Division of the AFC in the NFL presents the New York Jets. Debuting in playoffs this rather new entry into the league rose up to enter Super Bowl III. Wining a historic fixture it became the league’s first member to beat an NFL club in a World Championship. Their outmost team spirit and energy can be gauged by their thirteen playoffs and four AFC Championship games.

The Broncos and Jets have met in numerous regular and postseason games against each other since 1963. Broncos and Jets are close with a 15-13 score on the total matches played. Both became rivals when the Broncos casted a spell of five consecutive wins over the jets from 1967 to 1978. The next two decades they maintained a pressure on the Jets with higher dominance. Broncos full fledge offensive is countered by the Jet’s technically sound inceptions and running. The tussle between the two has been an orientation of the respective strengths that make Denver Broncos Vs. New York Denver tickets special package for a great game!