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With eight League, eleven Conference and thirteen Division titles under their belt, Cleveland Browns is one of the behemoths of the sport. Since its foundation, the team has been playing really well at their home ground as well as away from home. This season, the rivalry among Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots takes a new dimension and these two names come head to head at the Gillette Stadium. Don’t delay and buy Cleveland Browns Foxborough tickets to witness this fierce one on one encounter.

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Right after its formation in 1946, the team hit its stride immediately by winning four consecutive AAFC and Division championships during the years 1946-1949. In the following year, the team won three NFL championships in a row. This boosted the team’s repute and earned them a huge fan following. The 1950s and 1960s are considered the golden era for the team as it won numerous League, Conference and Division titles.
Cleveland Brown remained in the field for the next decade but it didn’t bring any title to home except for one division title in 1971. But after a bit of tough times, the team triumphantly returned to the ground winning a number of titles in the following years. The FirstEnergy Stadium is the home-ground to the team since 1999. This season, the game would pit Cleveland Browns against New England Patriots soon. Watch these two forces collide by having Cleveland Browns Foxborough tickets which are selling fast.

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