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Get set for the ultimate thrill at the latest games of two of your most favorite football teams! We are talking about none other than the Cleveland Browns and the St. Louis Rams, who are about to face each other in a game loaded with immense competition, rivalry and lots of action! The match is going to be held at Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the Cleveland Browns, who are a professional team and part of the National Football League, where they play for the North Division of the American Football Conference. Their rivals in the upcoming match, the St. Louis Rams belong to St. Louis, Missouri. They are also members of the National Football League. However, the play for the National Football Conference's West Division.

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The Cleveland Browns were established in the year 1946 and have been playing amazing football ever since. They were part of the AAFC (All American Football Conference) at the time of their inception, but later they became member of the National Football League, even though the team was the most successful franchise of the AAFC. The St. Louis Rams are also extremely talented and have gained two Championships in the National Football League ever since their formation in the year 1936. Don't miss the fun at the upcoming games. Grab your Cleveland Browns vs. St. Louis Rams Cleveland tickets and get ready for the excitement to begin!