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With the recent induction of young talented players, the Carolina Panthers have a reputation to bounce back. The magnificent athletes of the team are capable of pulling their team out of deep trouble and pushing them straight to the victory stand, such is the zest of the talented, young squad. Even though Carolina Panthers is a considerably young franchise which was founded only in the early 1990s, it has already had the honor of making an appearance in the Super Bowl. All those who have the slightest idea as to what Super Bowl means in professional American football know exactly what kind of a huge honor it is. Their fans went ecstatic as the Carolina Panthers delivered a stellar performance on the field and brought their fans a rare treat in the form of the great honor of qualifying for the Super Bowl. There are many old and highly accomplished teams who have not been able to achieve this honor.

About Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers may not have had a fantastic last few seasons but they have definitely made an impression not only on their fans but also on the opposing teams. The hardworking squad of the Panthers has been bedazzled by two of the brightest jewels in the form of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The spectacular rushers have taken the game play of the team to a whole new level. The 2009 did not bring any extraordinary victories for the Panthers but it sure did help some great new talent to blossom. The two of the rushers of the Panthers grabbed all the limelight as they became yet another duo to rush more than a thousand yards in a single season. The fact that the Panthers had been nurturing their talent has truly paid off and as far the belief of the fans go, soon enough the team will win some mega title as well.

The Carolina Panthers franchise was founded in 1995 as part of the NFL expansion program for Carolina region. Even before the expansion franchise was awarded to the states of Carolina, the former Colts super star Jerry Richardson had mobilized the general public in the city of Charlotte to prove to the NFL that Charlotte indeed was ready to host an NFL team. The strategy worked and Charlotte was awarded a franchise as a result of which the Carolina Panthers franchise was founded. The team used to play all its home games in Memorial Stadium, Clemson before moving to the Bank of America Stadium in 1996 and it continues to play host to all the home games for the Panthers.

Commonly referred to as The Cardiac Cats, the Panthers have put quite a remarkable score on the board for themselves over the years. There are over four really old NFL franchises who have not managed to make it to the Super Bowl. Carolina Panthers is the lucky franchise which has already made no less than four appearances in the playoffs and has had the honor of playing the Super Bowl as well. Some of the other achievements for The Cardiac Cats include three times Division Championship titles, as well as claiming the much coveted NFC Conference Championship trophy of 2003. It is such brilliant on and off performances that has made the fans love their team to bits.

The fans have invested their hearts and souls into the franchise of cheap Carolina Panthers tickets and they stood behind their team right from the start. The situation still has not changed much. The performance of the team is improving with every passing season and the fans too are hopeful that soon enough, the team will bring back a major title. It is this spirit of the fans that keeps the moral of the team high game after game. If you too are a fan of The Cardiac Cats then grab your Carolina Panthers tickets and show support for your team.

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