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The Atlanta Falcons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gracing the city of Atlanta with a mind blowing game the likes of which the NFL has seen few. These two spectacular NFL teams are going to go to war on the field to see who the bigger champion is. The Atlanta Falcons are a pro football team that is located in the city of Atlanta within the state of Georgia that plays in the NFC’s South Division inside the greater NFL. They first began playing pro football in 1965 as an expansionary NFL team. Since then, this team has played pro football for a record forty five years and has achieved an awesome record of 298-402-6. This team has also won four different South Division Championships as well as appeared in Super Bowl XXXII.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, fondly known by the nickname the Bucs, are a pro American football team that can be found in Tampa within the state of Florida. They are presently a team that is found in the South Division of the NFC within the NFL and joined this leagued back in 1976 alongside the Seattle Seahawks. Their first season was in ADC West the same year and soon after, they joined the NFC. They can be found kicking ball over at the Raymond James Stadium. From the nineties onwards, this team made it to playoff regularly and even went on to win a Super Bowl champion at Super Bowl XXXVI. Putting these two spectacular NFL teams together at one place is bound to generate a game that will raze the ground and thrill the spectators; you can easily be one of them through Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta tickets.