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There are no fighters like the Cincinnati Bengals! Like tigers they pounce on their opponents and do not accept defeat easily. Watch them at their fiercest in the upcoming Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati matches. The Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati tickets are available and ready to be purchased now. Grab them and support the men in orange and black!

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A professional American Football club, Cincinnati Bengals is based in the city of Cincinnati in Ohio, as their name suggests. They belong to the North Division within the American Football Conference (AFC) of the NFL or the National Football League. Their home matches of the Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati will be hosted at the Paul Brown Stadium located in downtown Cincinnati. The stadium is named after the first owner of the franchise. Paul Brown, who was a former head coach of Cleveland Browns, established the franchise in Cincinnati in 1967 as part of the expansion era of American Football League. The Bengals were the tenth and final club to be included in the AFC. They were named after the original Cincinnati team of 1937 which had folded soon after its inception. Brown became the first head coach of the Bengals and remained so till 1975.
The Bengals were strong contenders from the word go. In 1970s and 1980s, they seldom missed their playoff chances. During this period, they won five AFC Central Championships (1970, 1973, 1981, 1988, and 1990) and the conference championships twice: 1981 and 1988. However, they failed to convert their wins to Super Bowl victories as both times they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. After Paul Brown’s death in 1991, the Bengals struggled for almost two decades. Paul Brown’s successor, his son Mike Brown was considered one of the worst team owners in the sport. The team did not make to a single playoff between 1991 and 2004. The long drought was finally over in 2005 when they won the AFC North Championship. They repeated this performance in 2009. However, both times they lost, in 2005 to Steelers and in 2009 to Jets, in the conference championship. Last year in 2011, they finished third in their division. So we can say that things are on the mend and therefore, a lot is expected from them in the Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati games. Their matches with their rivals are going to be hotter than ever. The Bengals share fierce rivalries with the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Watch how the Bengals battle with their opponents with your Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati tickets.
What has increased the hopes for a big one in the hearts of Bengal fans is their current coach and team. Their coach is Idaho State University's Sports Hall of Famer, Marvin Lewis who was awarded “Coach of the Year” in 2009. His efforts combined with talents like Andrew Dalton and rookie A.J. Green are surely a winning combination! Buy the Cincinnati Bengals Season Cincinnati tickets and watch them set new records!

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