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If you are ready for some hard hitting football action then so are they, move away and make way for the Detroit Lions as they seem all willing to attack their opponents and declare war over the football field. The team finished well in 2010 which is why the Detroit Lions Season tickets are so much in demand this season. Fans are eagerly anticipating their victory and why shouldn’t they, when a roster spells out names like, Mathews Stafford, the team’s young quarterback and wide receiver Calvin Johnson, it is no surprise to see hopes rising among the fan following.

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A member of the North Division of the NFC, in the NFL, this American football team gets the ball rolling over home ground, Ford Field, situated in downtown Detroit. The Lions are lucky enough to have it as their home ground as it is ranked among the best stadiums in the league. Previously they were known as the Portsmouth Spartans as they were based in Portsmouth, Ohio. They started off as an independent team and formally became an NFL team in 1930, a year after they began play. Due to the malefic influence of the Great Depression preceding World War II, the team couldn’t survive in Portsmouth which is why it was sold and shifted to Detroit. Today the team is headquartered in Allentown, Michigan and is thriving with young guns possessing great sportsman talent.
Referred to as simply the Lions they have soared to success time and again. For starters they have won a total of four times in the NFL Championships. However their last NFL Championship in 1957, they are going through a dry spell and have not yet managed to win another championship title. They are yet to qualify for the Super Bowl. They are said to have the second longest losing streak when it comes to regular seasons, in the NFL. Tickets to their upcoming game will serve as a window for fans who can then assess the team’s future in the season, but we must warn you, the 2011 Detroit Lions Season Tickets Package tickets are with us at the moment but they won’t last long, so hurry!
Coming to the team’s uniform, which has stayed pretty much the same except a few color changes. It consists of silver pants and helmets with jerseys either in blue or white. The team colors include Honolulu blue, white, black and silver. The Lions hail over the playground singing their fight song, Gridiron Heroes. Check out what your heroes have in store for you this time around, will they rise above the challenge and win the season in flying in flying colors or will they succumb to defeat? Along with football savy management paired with state-of-the-art home facility, the Lions have many capable players who are hard working to make the team NFL champion. This young nucleus has all grown up and improved as a unit, ready to take down all challenges and opponents. So catch them for an exciting football season by booking your Detroit Lions tickets only from here!

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