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US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela is a football game between the national football team of the United States and the national football team of Venezuela. Venezuela national football team is nicknamed La Vinotinto meaning The Burgundy since the team has always played in their burgundy colored shirts. Whenever the team plays official games at home, the venues is rotated between three of Venezuela’s outstanding stadiums which are the the Estadio Jose Antonio Anzoategui, Polideportivo Cachamay and Estadio Pueblo Nuevo. The US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela tickets are particularly popular among hard core football fans that make sure they attend international games.

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About US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela

It is the only team in CONMEBOL that has yet not qualified for a football World Cup, which makes US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela an even more important game for the Burgundy clad, since the US team hold quite a place in the soccer world. The United States men’s national football team plays in high profile international events such as the world famous international football association game competitions. The Team is under the control of the United States Soccer Federation and plays in games arranged by CONCACAF. The popular team stands at the thirty fourth rank in the world as reported by the FIFA World Rankings. According to World Football Elo Ratings, the team stands on the thirty seventh spot. The US national football team is popularly referred to as the Stars and Stripes, Team USA and The Yanks as per its many nicknames. The Yanks have successfully appeared in six most recent FIFA World Cups and have proudly hosted the much hyped 1994 edition.
US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela
game though is reputed for being somewhat predictable given the US teams almost inherent disposition to score high, it can nevertheless be unexpected. The Venezuela team has improved much with its tough training and new players in an all new squad including top scorer Gaincarlo Maldonado. The team has already appeared in the fourth place in the Copa America finals, which is a big feat for the young Venezuela team given that it only began participating in the event in 1967 and has come a long way since then in terms of its slow but consistent game development strategy. It is currently headed by the well-known Venezuelan head coach Cesar Farias and remarkably talented captain Juan Arango. 
Commenting on the upcoming games, Venezuela captain Cesar Farias told FIFA that Venezuela is now prepared to compete and take bigger steps after having matured and gained more experience, which contributed to the feeling that the team will do well in the next big games. He reasoned that the team’s earlier performances were a result of lack in enough football practice and ‘footballing development’, and acknowledged that the team has made much progress that is ‘quantifiable’. A lot will be observed about that on US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela, a big suspenseful game. Get yourself an exciting football treat by purchasing US Mens Soccer vs Venezuela tickets and cheer the players in another one of their memorable encounters.

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