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At the upcoming United States vs Turkey game, the US national soccer team will play against the Turkey national soccer team. This is a game that many soccer fans are eagerly waiting for and some of them have even gone on to reserve United States vs Turkey tickets for the game in advance. Both of these teams are famous internationally when it comes to soccer, with each having won a number of championships and games. Altogether, this match will be rather exciting and filled with competitive ups and downs as players from both sides attempt to oust each other.

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The US national soccer team, nicknamed Team USA and The Stars and Stripes, is a member of the US Soccer Federation. It is part of the larger CONCACAF confederation with Jurgen Klinsmann as the head coach. Clint Dempsey is the captain of the team, with Cobi Jones holding the record for the most caps at one hundred and sixty four. Landon Donovan is the team's top scorer, with fifty seven goals to his name. The US national soccer team is currently ranked thirteen by FIFA and has been ranked as high as fourth worldwide. The US team has also qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, one of its ten appearances in the tournament so far.


At the United States vs Turkey game, the US team will face the Turkish national soccer team in an exciting match. The US side has ranked as high as third in the FIFA World Cup and has won five CONCACAF Gold Cups out of thirteen appearances. As the reigning CONCACAF champions, they have also played four times in the Confederations Cup, emerging as runners–up in 2009. The US team has also won gold at the Pan American Games and won three US Cups. Turkey's national soccer team, on the other hand, is a member of the Turkiye Futbol Federasyonu and part of the UEFA Confederation.


Turkey's head coach is Fatih Terim with Hamza Hamzaoglu as the assistant coach. Arda Turan is the team's captain with Rustu Recber holding the most caps, at one hundred and twenty. Similarly, Hakan Sukur is the top scorer, with fifty one goals to his name. The Turkish has been ranked as high as fifth in the world by FIFA and as high as ninth by the Elo rankings. The teams first international match, which resulted in a draw, was against the Romanian national soccer team. Their biggest win so far has been against the Syria, San Marino and South Korea teams. Each of these was defeated by a resounding 7–0.


Turkey has played in two FIFA World Cups and ranked third overall during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The team also has three UEFA European Championships to its name, and has made it to the semi–finals once. Similarly, the team has also played in the Confederations Cup and ranked third overall. As an equally competitive team, it is bound to give the US side a run for their money in a match best observed live after ordering United States vs Turkey tickets.


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