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El Salvador Vs Honduras Tickets

The El Salvador vs Honduras promises to be a spectacular match between the national soccer teams of El Salvador and Honduras. These teams have already demonstrated their capabilities in many international soccer championships which include the FIFA World Cup. Ranked among  the best teams in their region, the match between the two is one to see live via El Salvador vs Honduras tickets for a smashing experience.

About El Salvador Vs Honduras

The El Salvador national soccer team falls under the Salvadoran Football Association and is a member of UNCAF and CONCACAF. Its head coach is Agustin Castillo with Jose Rafael Tobar Lemus as the assistant coach. Leonel Carcamo is the player with the most caps, at eighty six, with Raul Diaz Arce being the team's top scorer, having scored an impressive thirty nine goals. The team's home stadium is the Estadio Cuscatlan. Its first international match took place in 1921 and was against the Guatemala national soccer team, a match which El Salvador won by a score of 2-1 despite it being held in Guatemala City. To date, its largest win is against the Anguilla national football team in a match that took place in 2008 and which it won by 12-0.
The first of the two teams competing in the El Salvador vs Honduras match, has also appeared twice in the FIFA World Cup. It has also appeared thirteen times in the CONCACAF Championship & Gold Cup, emerging as the runner up twice. It has also come third four times in the UNCAF Nations Cup and won the gold medal twice in the Central American and Caribbean Games. It has also won the CCCF Championship.
The Honduras national soccer team is also a member of the UNCAF and the CONCACAF with Luis Fernando Suarez as the head coach and Noel Valladares as the captain. Amado Guevara has the most number of caps one hundred and thirty seven. Carlos Pavon is the team's top scorer with fifty seven goals to his name. The team's home stadium, where matches such as El Salvador vs Honduras regularly take place, is the Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano. It has been ranked twentieth in the world by FIFA, a wonderful achievement indeed. Its first international match also took place against the Guatemala national team, which took place in 1921 in Guatemala City.
It's biggest win to date is by a score of 13-0 when it defeated the Nicaragua national team. It has appeared twice in the World Cup. Grab your cheap El Salvador vs Honduras tickets and catch these two amazing soccer teams play live in what will surely be a very special encounter.

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