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NASCAR Budweiser Duel tickets come as a great treat for racing fans every February. NASCAR Budweiser Duel is the event before Daytona 500, the father of all racing events. It is held under NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Daytona International Speedway. The event was previously known as Gatorade Duel because of the sponsorship of a famous sports-themed food products brand. The sponsorship changed to Budweiser, a world famous beer brand. This racing event features some of the world renowned racers with their amazing vehicles and a passion to reach the finishing line the first. The event is held on any one Thursday of February and the winning line-up goes on to race in Daytona 500, held the next Sunday. There are two races which are carried out on a 150-mile track.

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About NASCAR Budweiser Duel

NASCAR Budweiser Duel is an intense racing event which brims with such high-energy that only stops at the finish line. It’s a qualifying event for Daytona 500. First of all, the two top positions are determined and its qualifying process is timed laps. Next step is the task of setting the starting grid. It comprises of top 30 racers selected after the completion of Duels; six racers are selected from the non-qualifying lot based upon the time and another 6 or 7 are chosen according to the points of the highest-earning teams which have not been in the race up till then. NASCAR is the biggest venture to hold stock car racing under its banner and each event is equally popular.
Daytona International Speedway, the official venue of the NASCAR Budweiser Duel, is a premier race track which is owned by International Speedway Cooperation. Founder of NASCAR, William France Sr. laid foundation for this racing track and it opened for events in 1958. He succeeded in his purpose of providing an exclusive racing experience to the fans with better view of the whole area and a track that had a room for higher speeds. Renovations were done over the year to make the track better, the most recent in January 2013. The track features a high speed tri-oval, a sports car course, a motorcycle course, a motorcycle and karting flat track and also a lake for powerboat racing. 
Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge are the three notable manufacturers with the highest wins in the event while the names of all the champions since 1959 shines golden in NASCAR’s history. NASCAR Budweiser Duel guarantees heart-pounding excitement. It is a chance for all the stock car racing buffs to get out on the track and show their competitive edge to hundreds of eager fans.  Where fans know how the excitement is like when the top-notch cars race past them, they don’t wait a minute to get their hands on NASCAR Budweiser Duel tickets. The speed of these roaring motor cars gets well over 200mph. And to witness this spectacle, the stands at Daytona Speedway are always full with people cheering for their favorite racers. Everyone talks about the event before and after it – and for all the good reasons!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I have lost my nascar budweiser duel tickets so can I have them replaced free of cost?

A:No, you will now need to buy new Nascar Budweiser Duel Tickets in order to attend the event.

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